A healthy amount of pride is good, but when that pride turns into one-upmanship then, it’s just annoying and kind of crass. I mean, it’s uncomfortable to be in relationships and friendships with people who are constantly trying to flex. And since it may take some time to realise that that new friend of yours is trying to show off in front of you, this Reddit thread where people are discussing flexes that aren’t that much of a flex might just be of help!

Here, take a look at what we’ve found:

1. “‘I only got 4 hours of sleep.”Oh yeah well I got 2’”


2. “Working 80 hours a week, getting little to no sleep.”


3. “Not taking sick days.”


4. “Boasting about how much something they’re wearing costs even though you know they can’t afford it.”


5. “Working yourself to the point of having absolutely no time for yourself. Work ethic is good, strong work ethic is great. Living to work is not great.”


6. “Wearing designer with huge logos.”


7. “Replying to someone on Twitter and mocking them for having no followers.”


8. “Being proud about being ‘Brutally honest’ when they’re just rude.”


9. “I liked the line from Glass Onion ‘It’s a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth.'”


10. “Men bragging that they’ve never changed one of their kids’ diapers in their entire lifetime. Basically, you’ve just outed yourself as a shitty, uninvolved parent and a shitty partner.”


11. “Driving around in a $50,000 new car while not being able to cover a $1000 emergency.”


12. “Being disrespectful to the disabled or weird kids as a joke.”


13. “Literally anything you have to try flexing. The most genuinely impressive things by nature, do not require you to rub them in people’s faces.”


14. “Nothing specific in mind, but people who ‘One-up’ you or ‘One-down’ you. If you say you got a commendation at work then they go into a drawn-out story of how they were praised for something they did recently (6 months ago). Or if you say you had a shitty day for whatever reason and they start talking about all the things wrong with their life in the present moment.”


15. “Having a big dick doesn’t make you god’s gift to women.”


16. “Not just having a big or expensive car, but a loud one. Nobody is impressed.”


17. “Knowing a celebrity.”


18. “Having the latest iPhone.”


19. “Anything you had zero choice in. Your sex, skin colour, nationality.”


20. “How hot of a person you ‘Pulled’ to cheat on your spouse/partner with.”


There’s nothing wrong with talking about your accomplishments and having pride, but flexing about things that might not actually be a flex will probably end up with you looking like a terrible person.