Many of us have planned on taking our parents out to dinner and/or get them their favorite gadget with our first salary. That’s probably why this Reddit post by u/KuchToLogKahengee has everyone teary-eyed. The redditor has described how he took his parents out to dinner and gave his father a Casio watch with the money he saved from his internship stipend! So, of course the internet is all hearts for the gesture.

Parents, reddit

Here are all the endearing comments people have left on the post:

1. “Reading this makes me so happy for some reason. Good for you OP.”


2. “Cheers bro. I would be wanting to do the same when I start earning in about 4 years. Kudos to you!”


3. “I shed a couple of tears reading this. One of the first gifts I bought with my very first salary was a saree for my MIL. She has worn it on a total of two occasions. Every time some guests come to our house, she brings it out and shows everyone – ‘Dekh, ye apni pahli tankhwah se mere liye ye wali saree laayi thi.’


4. “This is so good to read. I once asked my father what his dream car was, he said Jeep Wrangler or Thar in an instant. But he could never buy them. I will buy a car for him, would love to see him drive out his dream.”


5. “Kudos to you for acknowledging what parents do for us.”


6. “Congratulations. That’s a great feeling. I am sure you’ll remember this moment no matter how old you get. I know, I do!


7. “You are a good kid. Hope they enjoyed the dinner and please tell me at least one parent scolded you about why you are spending so much money to make this a wholesome experience.”


8. “Trust me, even if your parents won’t say it to you, their proud of you and you’re a great son. Keep winning bro.”


9. “With my first stipend, we had lunch and dinner in a fancy restaurant and did some sightseeing. Then, I gifted my parents a fully automatic washing machine with my first job salary. I still remember the day when it was delivered to our home and the shine in the eyes of my family members. Totally worth it.”


10. “This was a very wholesome post to read. You are a good child OP.”


11. “They must be very proud.”


12. “Buy something for your mom. She deserves it too!”


I’m not crying, you are!

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