Adulting isn’t easy and neither are the matters of heart and mind – everything tends to overwhelm us. And understandably, we do not like to talk about these feelings. So, life feels like a roller-coaster ride, where everyday has its own pace. Also, pretty much what it’s like to be in our 20s.

And this Instagram account called Worry Lines, has just the sketches and drawings to relate to. It’s about emotions and feelings that are too deep to express. 

Cramming the void with pancakes – always a solution.

Because, who has time for feelings?

Never trust the heart, it’s an emotional fool.

What is better than eating our feelings – no? Okay.

All of my dreams end in–

Building fake scenarios should be a job.

Definitely a lot more potato than hope.

It’s like, these drawings know and see us. 

And we all deserve a break.

Because, office hours are no less than a roller-coaster ride.

Being constantly confused in love – chasing it and running away from it, all at the same time.

Basically, every other person we have a crush on.

At least, someone knows the struggle.

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