So PM Modi reached Netherlands today which happens to be his final stop of his 3-nation tour.

As expected, he was greeted with much fanfare.

Source: PMO India

I mean people were genuinely excited to see him.

Source: PMO India

But you know who was the most excited about his visit?

Mark Rutte, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Netherlands.

Source: Atlantic

And in his excitement, he tweeted THIS.

Don't worry. We don't get it either.

Source: MinPres

Wow! That's a lot of text. Looks like Mr. Shashi Tharoor has got competition. 

While many were trying to understand what the tweet exactly meant...

There were some who drew a conclusion that maybe, Rutte's spacebar key wasn't working.

We're pretty sure even PM Modi must've had a hard time understanding it.

But maybe, Rutte was merely returning the favour.

For you see, 2 years back, when Rutte had come to India, this is what PM Modi had tweeted.

So this tweet only makes sense.

Well, full marks for trying, sir ji!