Netflix’s Never Have I Ever Season 2 once again reminded us of falling in love (and mistakes) as teenagers. And though it left a lot to be desired, it also gave these peak moments of sisterhood that had us loving, and missing, our girlfriends: 

1. When Eleanor and Fabiola help Devi decide who to date. 

While Devi ultimately does not listen to their advice, Eleanor and Fabiola do listen to Devi’s concerns, and even help her decide between Ben and Paxton. 

Because no matter how silly or repetitive our discussions may get, our BFFs always help us vent and discuss. Even if it ends with an ‘I Told You So’.

2. When Aneesa ‘saves’ Devi from getting scolded by her mother. 

Devi, Eleanor, and Aneesa sneak out of a sleepover. And Devi returns with a nose ring that her mother discovers. But when Nalini begins to scold Devi, Aneesa takes the blame and comes up with an excuse that saves them all. 

We’ve all been there, right? Where a best friend has done the supreme sacrifice, taken the blame, and saved us from our own parents? Now those are the friends worth keeping. 

3. When Eleanor and Fabiola also call out Devi for spreading a rumor about Aneesa. 

Devi confesses that she was the one who spread the story about Aneesa being anorexic, which ultimately turns out to be true. Aneesa, obviously, walks out of the sleepover when she gets to know about it. 

However, while Devi thinks she should at least get the credit for confessing, Eleanor and Fabiola also walk out of the sleepover, reminding Devi that her actions were not right. Because not only did Devi start the rumor, she also confessed late, leading to someone else taking the blame.

There is more to sisterhood than just discussing boys and fashion. It’s also about standing up to your own friends, when necessary. Just because someone is your friend, does not mean you let them get away with bullying or spreading rumors about another person. 

4. When Paxton’s sister calls him out for guilting Devi into doing his work. 

When Paxton finds out Devi cheated on him, he rushes out of the house, gets hit by a car, injures his arm, and loses out on a tryout for a swimming scholarship. And thus, guilts Devi into doing his work, for him, and helping him gain admission into a college, on the basis of his academic scores. 

While Devi agrees to the plan, it’s Paxton’s sister who calls him out for cheating his way into college. 

Technically, this may not fall under an act of sisterhood but this was such an epic moment that it deserved to be on the list. 

5. When Eleanor and Fabiola help Devi plan out an apology to Aneesa. 

Though they walk out on Devi, they also help her when she plans to apologize and do better. Because what are friends for, if not to help you clean up your mistakes? 

6. When Devi channels her anger issues to help Kamala decide how to ask for recognition at work. 

Though Kamala is not respected by her peers, her boyfriend and boss’ reactions to her problems make her doubt herself. And that’s when Kamala turns to Devi, the only girl she knows, who always fights for what she wants. Devi is the one who reminds Kamala that’s it’s okay to fight for your rights. 

7. When, despite losing to Fabiola, Devi congratulates Fabiola for her presentation. 

Jealousy has no place in a friendship. And Devi, who is easily one of the most competitive people ever, proves it when she congratulates Fabiola for giving a brilliant presentation, even when it led to Devi and her team failing. 

8. When both Fabiola and Devi look out for Eleanor and try talking her out of, what they believe, is a toxic relationship. 

Though Eleanor finds nothing wrong with Malcolm putting her down in front of their friends, Devi and Fabiola do not take kindly to it. And they make sure that they let Eleanor know that it’s not okay for Malcolm to treat her this way.

In fact, even when Eleanor does not respond kindly to their comments, Fabiola still looks out for her and even tries to mend their relationship. 

9. When Fabiola and Devi turn up for Eleanor’s performance, even though they are fighting.

And Eleanor finally apologizes to them. 

10. When Fabiola feels like she can’t ‘fit in’, Devi and Eleanor remind her that she does not need to. 

Fabiola constantly struggles to be more like the other lesbian girls she knows, but that’s not her true self. In the process, she ends up losing out on Robotics, her first interest. Dejected at not being able to ‘fit in’ with straight or queer people, she skips out on prom. 

And that’s when Devi and Fabiola, aided by Jonah, remind her that the only thing she needs to be, is her true, authentic self. 

All images are screenshots from Netflix.