Considering the amount of time we spend falling in love with fictional characters, it is only obvious that we’ll fall in love with romantic gestures too. Especially proposals that were as amazing, romantic, and picture-perfect as these: 

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Monica and Chandler

In an attempt to surprise Monica, Chandler almost convinces her that he’s not serious about the relationship. And that’s when, with a little help from Joey (he truly is the bestest friend), Chandler gets his surprise proposal after all – and Monica is the one who orchestrates it. Also, that moment when both of them sit and express what they mean to each other, as the whole gang waits outside, is romantic perfection. 


2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Mike and Phoebe

Just like their relationship and wedding (the most beautiful wedding in the series, undoubtedly), Mike & Phoebe’s proposal was also quirky, fun, and unusually beautiful. After Phoebe accidentally crashes every proposal plan that Mike sets up, he finally asks her to be ‘Mrs. No-Balls’. And it is adorable. Also, third time is the charm. 


3. The Office: Holly and Michael

He may not have been the ideal boss, but there is no denying that Michael was a loved boss. Which is why it made perfect sense that the whole office would come together to plan the perfect proposal for Michael. With candles lighting up the whole office, Michael proposes to Holly – and obviously, the second she says yes, sprinklers go off. 


4. The Office: Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam had the kind of relationship that was relatable and at the same time, felt too good to be true. Goes to show why their proposal, in the rain, outside a convenience store, had more feels than most romantic ballads. It was real, honest, and quite simply put, perfect. 


5. Schitt’s Creek: Patrick and David

Patrick and David have the kind of relationship where the two grow up together, as well as change individually. And it makes complete sense that when Patrick’s perfect proposal plan seems to go haywire, David unknowingly turns things around – by literally carrying Patrick on his shoulders during the hike. Truly, what better way to end the hike, than Patrick’s sweet proposal! 


6. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy and Jake

Everyone who is a ‘noine-noine’ fan knows that Halloween is a big deal at the precinct. But during their annual Halloween Heist, Jake plans and executes the perfect proposal – one that even Amy, with her love for binders, challenges, and puzzles, just cannot figure out. It was the most amazing proposal/surprise.  


7. Sex And The City: Charlotte and Harry

9 times out of ten, getting back with your ex may not the best idea. The one rare time, it might just be the best decision ever. Just like it happened with Charlotte and Harry. After their break-up, the two bump into each other at a singles event. And realize, they were perfect for each other all along. 


8. Downton Abbey: Lady Mary and Matthew

If there’s ever an award for the perfect ‘Christma’ proposal ever, then Lady Mary and Matthew are winning it. After multiple ‘hiccups’, including war and a dead girlfriend, destiny finally brings the two together. And that’s when, after a dance and discussion, Mathew asks for Lady Mary’s hand in marriage, as gentle snowfall falls over them. 


9. Parks And Recreation: Ben and Leslie

It’s all too easy to like Leslie Knope. But to love her, idiosyncracies, idealism and all is something that no one could do better than Ben Wyatt. No wonder then, the moment that Ben asks Leslie to marry him, it’s an idealist’s romantic moment. 


10. New Girl: Cece and Schmidt

From hearing ‘Jar’ to ‘Girl, I’mma marry you’ to hearing ‘Yes’ to ‘Girl, will you marry me?’, Cece and Schmidt’s relationship came a long way. And boy, were we glad it did. Their relationship wasn’t a fairytale, but that does not mean it was any less magical. Just like their proposal! 


11. New Girl: Jess and Nick

Much like their relationship, the moments leading up to Nick and Jess’s proposal scene are full of hilarious misses. And for fans of the show, the idea that Nick might get discouraged is all too real. But, as Jess says, with the two of them imperfection is as perfect as it gets. And that’s why the imperfectly perfect proposal is exactly what suits the two! 

12. Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Amy

For anyone else, it may be luck. But when it comes to Amy and Sheldon, it had to be technology that first got them together. However, what got Sheldon to propose was all too human – the desire to spend his life with no one else, but Amy. And so, in typical Sheldon fashion, he knocks on her door and asks her to marry him. *Sigh*


13. Modern Family: Mitch and Cam

After California legalizes same-sex marriage, Cameron and Mitch decide to make their union legal. And the first step to the marriage is proposal. So, after trying and failing at creating the perfect proposal moment, the two just end up kneeling at the same time (when they sit to change a tire). Naturally then, the two say ‘Yes’ to the unsaid but obvious question. 


14. Grey’s Anatomy: Derek and Meredith

What’s the focal point of two doctors who are constantly bickering and flirting with each other – the elevator. Which is why, when Derek proposed to Meredith in the elevator, it made complete sense. Of course, it was dreamy, romantic, and gave viewers the kind of butterflies that every hopeless romantic lives for. There have been many fictional romantic sequences involving elevators, but none as memorable as this #elevatorloveletter. 


15. Gossip Girl: Blair and Chuck

Chuck and Blair’s relationship had its fair share of ups and downs. After all both of them were arrogant, set in their ways, and a little too in love with themselves – until, finally, they found each other. 


16. Glee: Will and Emma

Considering the show, anyone who did not expect Emma to be serenaded during the proposal was clearly not paying enough attention. Before Will makes his way through the pool, Will & Emma’s students perform a synchronized swimming routine to We Found Love. And then, Will makes his grand proposal speech, while standing in front of Emma, dripping with water. 


17. Friday Night Lights: Matt and Julie

Sometimes, planning the perfect surprise proposal comes with its own set of hiccups. Like the ones that Matt faces, including angering Julie for not telling her he is back in Chicago. But then, a proposal with his grandmother’s ring, in front of their favourite burger joint, is pretty much what romantic dreams are made of. Who would stay angry after that!


Yes, a hundred times yes, to each of these proposals. 

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