The reality is that the world is not fair but it’s even more unfair for women. Sorry to burst your bubble but women have it really tough, because it is an absolute shit show when it comes to equal rights.

Right from the time we were born, we have been ‘told’ a lot of things. So, we decided to reverse this narrative by ‘telling’ men all the things we have been dictated. And, boy, does it sound absurd. 

1. I’ll allow my husband to work after marriage.

2. Of course I am ‘understanding’. I help out my husband with household chores.

3. One of the best things about being a man is that you can become a father.

4. You’re not like other boys.

5. He must have slept his way through the top.

6. I am such a nice girl, I don’t know why he friendzoned me? He must be a dick.

7. Ladke ki na mein hi haan hai.

8. Please come home before 8 because you don’t know the kind of women that roam outside after dark. Trust me, I am a woman.

9. I like my men to look natural.

10. Why do you need to work, when I am earning?

11. Who will marry you if your roti isn’t round? 

12. You play like a boy!

13. Kuch baat hui nahi, ki rona shuru. Tum ladko ki purani trick hai yeh!

14. Who will look after the kids, if both of us work? 

15. How can you deny me sex when you’re my husband?

16. You know what we call a man who has sex with multiple people? A SLUT. 

17. No short shorts allowed. I will tell your parents that you wear short shorts in order to excite women.

You’d need a second to digest these.