Hey Sunshine! 

Gearing up for another day, are we?

Another day calls for another tedious banter over sorting the perfect binge list; and what to eat; and where to lay down; and whether to shower or just let it slip…

Well, don’t know about the rest, but we’ve got your first tedious task covered with the ultimate binge suggestion, so you can sit back and procrastinate over the other choices! 

We have for you, ‘The Terminal List’ on Amazon Prime Video!
Yes, Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of a new action-packed, mind-boggling series and it is nothing short of pure grandeur! 

The trailer is packed with well choreographed action, a vivid and vibrant look, complex details that give us a glimpse into the impressive narrative. It highlights well-executed performances by a stellar star-cast that includes Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, JD Pardo, and Jai Courtney in key roles. We are introduced to an Ex-Navy SEAL, struggling to cope with life after a failed mission who later goes on a rampage to debunk conspiracies as a one-man-army, determined to attain justice.

Tbh, it looks like promising content. And here are 5 moments that did the job for us! 

1. The humble exposition.

The trailer is a homogenous blend of calmness and rapid action. The exposition is grand in a calm, humble and sleek way. We are introduced to the protagonist in a soft look that radiates strength. It is intriguing, cool and engaging! (unlike my life, alas!) 

2. The slow-mo action flurry.

Honestly, roaring soldiers, dimly lit tunnels paired with splashes of fire and water in slow motion look majestic and can rile up even the sloppiest of humans! 

3. The emotional debris deal-maker.

An action thriller, without complex emotional qualities is just another dry attempt. And this moment right here, proves that ‘The Terminal List’ has a well structured emotional quotient that no one can ignore. 

4. The ultimate war siren!

This shot marks the beginning of a stellar series of grasping action sequences and a man’s unhinged quest for truth! This seems like the proper calm before a storm for justice. 

5. The beginning of the aftermath.

This glimpse opposes the exposition and hints at another hidden attribute of the protagonist: the unstoppable warrior. We cannot get enough of the contrasting tones and smooth transitions for sure! 

(I can’t wait for this to drop like my grades!) 

Coming from the Director of ‘Training Day’, Antonie Fuqua, the trailer sets high expectations with its bluish grey frames, low-key lighting and cinematic shots with a perfect blend of soft and tough background music. 

Amazon Prime Video has always delivered quality content in various genres and has managed to never disappoint. They literally have something for everyone and we’re so excited for this new one too! 

Also, good content comes with severed language barriers. And thus, this impressive series has been dubbed in HindiTamilTeluguMalayalam and Kannada

Can we all agree that ‘The Terminal List’ screams binge-worthy without a doubt?! 

So let’s buckle up and wait for this jam-packed series to drop on Amazon Prime Video on July 1!

Until then, here’s the trailer.