In an anthology series, Modern Love: Mumbai showed us love barring the mirch and masala desi romance shows have always added. The show is an Indian version of the hit American series, Modern Love, which has two seasons. In case, you haven’t watched the OG version, let me tell you the OG features actors such as Kit Harrington, Dev Patel, and Anne Hathaway, to name a few.
Modern Love: Mumbai showed us fresh new perspectives that are much in line with what the current generation faces in their relationships.


If you are like us and you enjoyed watching Modern Love: Mumbai, here is a curated list of 11 shows which you should give a watch.

1. Little Things: Netflix
With four seasons, this show revolves around the life of Dhruv and Kavya. Set in Mumbai, the couple traverses through life and love. What makes this show charming is that it shows relationships in their truest essence. The couple manages through their individual life, career, and personal struggles, just like a relationship in real life does.


2. Permanent Roommates: TVF Play, SonyLIV
How often have you thought of moving in with someone before tying the knot with them? This show explores exactly that. Tanya and Mikesh were in a long-distance relationship for three years. Mikesh pops the marriage question but the couple decides to move in first. The show runs for two seasons.


3. Cheesecake: TVF Play, MX Player
Would you say no to a show which has a dog as its lead character? The show moves around the life of Neel and Sameera who have hit a plateau in their relationship. And then Cheesecake enters their life and adds sugar, spice, and everything nice. The web series has one season with five episodes, making it perfect for a binge-watch.


4. Feels Like Ishq: Netflix
An anthology-esque show which has six standalone episodes, with each episode directed by a different director. The show focuses on the lives of young adults who navigate through life and find love in unexpected places. And thus, deal with the barrage of emotions that love notoriously brings.


5. Mismatched: Netflix
Released in 2020, the show has one season and six episodes. A second season is in the works. The show focuses on Dimple and Rishi, who are like chalk and cheese. It is an adaptation of Sandhya Menon’s best selling book – When Dimple Met Rishi. Playing around with the conventional trope of ‘opposites attract’, the show takes place in a new setting which makes it enjoyable and even relatable to an extent.


6. Eternally Confused And Eager For Love: Netflix
With eight episodes, the show revolves around the life of Ray. Ray is just like any other young adult – awkward, anxious, and single. What sets him apart is his inner voice which often guides and misguides him. At 24, with just two friends, Ray navigates around dating and finding a girlfriend.


7. Khujli: YouTube
Shows on love and romance often feature teenagers and 20 somethings fumbling through their lives. This short film is a refreshing take on the same. It features a middle-aged couple who rekindle their desires and fantasies.


8. Forever: Amazon Prime Video
For years this couple has cocooned themselves in their comfort zone – doing the same things, having the same conversations. To spice things up, June and Oscar decide to take a ski trip. In an unfamiliar territory, the couple comes face to face with love and relationships in an unconventional way with an unconventional twist.


9. Our Blues: Netflix
A Korean show in an anthology format, set against the backdrop of Jeju Island. The show revolves not only around love but the bittersweet journey of life. The show has 12 episodes. New episodes are added every week.

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10. Lovestruck In The City: Netflix
This Korean show focuses on love and the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city. There are six people who have bad dating history. But two of them stand out. These two get together and unknowingly fall in love.


11. One Spring Night: Netflix
A pharmacist-and-single father meets a librarian. They hit a point where marriage seems to be on the cards. This juncture pushes them to start seeing love and relationships in a brand new light.

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Which show are you picking to watch over the weekend?