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We are on our way to mars and yet, conversations around sex and intimacy remain a tabooed topic in our society. (incoming neighbour aunty glares)

Let’s be honest, we are far from opening up and embracing our sexualities, sensualities and issues or concerns related to our sex lives. And it’s high time that the timidity around these concepts is addressed and banished for good! 

The content we consume plays a major part in moulding our characters and opinions. 

What a powerful tool to spread one’s visions in society, isn’t it!? 
And SonyLIV is using this very tool to spread awareness and normalise talking about issues on intimacy with their new show ‘Dr. Arora.’

Set in the 90s era, the show narrates the story of Dr. Vishesh Arora, a renowned sexologist, as he travels through towns helping people with intimacy issues by curing, clearing misconceptions and normalising them, in a light-hearted flow while upholding the real stigma attached to these issues. 

Myths like intimacy issues are incurable, only limited to men, humiliating, etc, add to people’s shyness and apprehension to reach out to experts for help. They need to be busted big time and addressed in a firm voice.

For instance, we can see in the trailer, Devendra Thakur decides to not disclose his true identity and gives Dr. Arora a fake name to veil his shame. This satirical encounter upholds how major and deep rooted the stigmas are. 

Created by Imtiaz Ali, ‘Dr. Arora’ focuses on how these issues are nothing to be tabooed or be embarrassed about, all the while, keeping the sensitivity of the conversation intact. Oh, and did we tell you about that super catchy musical score that is now living in viewers’ heads rent free? (All of this, with the sparkly Imtiaz magic!) 

It is one right step taken with considerate humbleness towards a better future. And people are already hailing the show for its premise and portrayals. Here’s what a real life sex-positive influencer, Leeza, has to say about it: 

Everything apart, it’s 2022 and we need to normalise these notions and address all the hush-hush that they are surrounded by. It’s high time we treat intimacy issues openly and get proper treatments and diagnoses without being ashamed or embarrassed. 

Because as Dr. Arora says, “Jab tak gupt rahega, tab tak rog rahega.” 

Join Dr. Arora on his quest on SonyLIV and thank us later! 
Watch the trailer here. 
Also, here’s an interview of the creators with Seema Anand, that gives an in depth view on the concept in reality.

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