As hard as living in a hostel is, away from the tender loving care of our parents, saying goodbye to it is all the more tough. I still remember leaving my dorm room one last time, luggage in hand saddled with memories. 

I have since, watched enough web shows based on campus life, hoping to be transported to the same red brick walls that I once called home. Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Hostel Daze‘ did exactly that. The 2019 new-age comedy-drama series saw Ankit, Jhantoo, Jaat and Chirag juggling their newfound freedom, friendship, dating and academics in their freshman year, while also dealing with the shenanigans of the seniors. 

Well, the second season is out now and we obviously watched it. If you haven’t, then we are giving you 5 reasons why it should be on your weekend bingelist. 

1. Juniors turn seniors 

The show does a fine job in providing a bona fide depiction of what goes on in a college hostel. The characters in ‘Hostel Daze’ almost bear an eerie resemblance to what we were back in the university. In this season we see them grow from timid, innocent freshers to confident and fearless second-year seniors, which is apparent from their demeanour and overall energy. 

2. Female characters are more than just pretty faces

In the wake of the constant learning and unlearning of norms and gendered conditioning, we women have become more aware, valiant and now speak our minds. The female leads of ‘Hostel Daze’, Akanksha and Nabomita are no exceptions. They are beautiful, intelligent, funny and definitely know their way around teaching the importance of consent to those who need it. 

3. There’s romance. Obviously!

You cannot imagine college or life in general without a bit of love to spice things up. However, what makes romance on college campuses special is the naivety with which one approaches it. In this season of the show, we finally see the six friends, Ankit, Jhantoo, Jaat, Chirag, Akanksha and Nabomita, exploring the complexities of love life while never breaking the bro/sis code. In between, the show is filled with moments that make our hearts go aflutter and leave us chuckling at once. 

4. The dialogues are hilarious 

Apart from the adept casting, another strong aspect that the show gets right is the dialogue-writing. If you’re looking for something light-hearted to watch this weekend, ‘Hostel Daze’ does a lot more than just eliciting laughs. The dialogue delivery doesn’t feel synthetic which is what makes the show more real and sometimes incredibly funny. There are chances you forget that these are not your friends talking to you. 

5. It’s a TVF project. Need we say more? 

We have known TVF shows to be markedly different from each other in tone and ambition. For ‘Hostel Daze’ it is nostalgia. After its first season in 2019, we weren’t surprised that TVF had given us another sharp, observant and immensely entertaining show. And this season has done full justice in preserving the multiple elements that make the mini-series so unique to the youth. The creators clearly know their audience well. 

Adarsh Gourav returns as Ankit and stuns with his natural performance. YouTuber Shubham Gaur remains the show-stealer even in season 2 with his unique Haryanvi accent as Rupesh Bhati. Nikhil Vijay, Ahsaas Channa, Luv Vispute and Ayushi Gupta also reprise their roles in season 2. 

The second season of ‘Hostel Daze‘ is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Rest assured, your weekend binge plans are sorted!