From extravagant performances to over the top sets and locations, a Bollywood fan awaits a Bollywood award function throughout the year. However, be it a skit by the hosts or presenting awards, everyone knows that an award function is scripted. 

Source: Vagabomb

But sometimes it so happens that celebrities and people at the show lose their cool or get into an awkward situation which is not panned at all. So, here are a few instances when things got really messed up between celebrities at a Bollywood award function. 

Source: Vagabomb

1. Neil Nitin Mukesh’s fight with Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan

This is a popular one. Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan were hosting a Filmfare award and trolled Neil Nitin Mukesh for his name. They made fun of him for not having a surname. However, Neil didn't find this funny and got really offended. He expressed that this joke was insulting since his father is sitting in the audience and also asked both the hosts to shut up. 

2. Ashutosh Gowarikar’s verbal fight with Sajid Khan

After winning the Screen Awards for the Best Film of The Year - Jodha Akbar, Ashutodh Gowarikar took a shiit at the host Sajid Khan. He expressed how Sajid's joke on his film insulted him and felt 'deeply hurt and 'upset'. He also asked Sajid to 'shut up' when the later tried to speak. 

3. Shahid Kapoor's verbal fight with Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan was hosting a Filmfare Awards function where he named five actors who are best known for their dancing in Bollywood. However, after the list got complete Shahid got offended since his name was not in that list and he had a little spat with Dhawan for including his name own name to that list. 

4. KRK’s fight with Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon 

During Zee's Balt Awards, host Ali Asgar and Suresh Menon handed over a Lifetime Achievement Balti Award to KRK. However, the actor got really offended by this, smashed the award and left the function. 

5. Salman Khan's fight with Lyricist Mithoon

At Star Guild Awards, actor Salman Khan lashed out at Mithoon when the lyricist defended his song and mentioned how the hosts made him wait for 6 hours to recieve this award. 

Which fight startled you?