Dulquer Salmaan is one of the top actors and performers in the Malayalam and Tamil film industries. His charming looks, acting, and movie choices have made many people dub him the new-age Shah Rukh Khan. He is known for his romance films that make many swoon and hope for a similar love.

Dulquer Salmaan
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His celebrated performances include O Kadhai Kanmani, Banglore Days, Kali, and 100 Days Of Love.

Here are some of his films where we want to be his love interest.

  1. O Kadhal Kanmani

O Kadhal Kanmani follows the story of a young couple who believes that marriage is futile. However, their beliefs are challenged on witnessing the love between an older couple whom they live with. This film proves that you can stay young at heart, even at the age of 58.

O Kadhal Kanmani
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The scene of Adhi addressing Tara as ‘Kanmani’ or clicking a selfie after their first fight is both heartwarming depictions of contemporary and trendsetting love. The term ‘Kanmani’ became one of the popular adjectives among lovers after the film.

2. Kurup

Kurup is a high-grossing film surrounding the gripping real-life story of a con man turned fugitive who escaped the clutches of law by faking his death. One of the storylines of the film is the love story of Kurup and Sharadamma.


Although inappropriate to romanticize and aspire for in real life, the characters have a tender and comforting relationship. The scenes of them romancing in front of various mirrors and Kurup wrapping himself and her in a shawl during cold weather are adorable. No to Kurup, yes to Dulquer!

3. Hey Sinamika

Tamil rom-com Hey Sinamika weaves themes of mental health, work-life imbalance, and separation. Mouna and Yaazhan fall in love and get married, but two years later, Mouna wishes to leave due to Yaazhan’s overtly affectionate and talkative nature.

Hey Sinamika
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However, soon she realizes how caring, sensitive, and loving of a husband he is. Dulquer is known for his best work being that of a romantic hero. In this film, the scenes of him being a happy, carefree soul and a sensitive and doting husband are some of the best.

4. The Zoya Factor

Dulquer Salmaan plays the captain of the Indian cricket team in a romantic sports film, what else does one need? The film explores the country’s dependency on luck and superstitions, while Dulquer’s Nikhil Khoda stands staunchly against it.

The Zoya Factor
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The scenes of Zoya daydreaming about their love and Nikhil being a loving man, realizing his mistakes, apologizing in the most romantic way, and cooking on one of their first dates made everyone swoon. The movie has its flaws but Nikhil makes up for them.

5. Bangalore Days

The love story of Aju and Sarah is a beautiful and wholesome arc of Bangalore Days. From a carefree man to a hopeless romantic, Aju’s character is one to warm your heart.

Bangalore Days
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On falling in love, he never treats her less-than or disrespects her due to her disability. The character is shown as a misguided but honest and loving man who refuses to give into societal views of disability and being in love. The scene of him lovingly carrying her will tug at your heartstrings.

6. Sita Ramam

Through two timelines—1964 and 1984—Sita Ramam solves the mystery surrounding its protagonists, Sita Mahalakshmi and Lt. Ram. It has a universal language of love, promoting the fact that humanity matters more than conflict, boundaries, and religion. Letters are the most beautiful form of communication.

Sita Ramam
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Despite religious turmoil and war, the passion between the lovers endures. Ram, an orphan boy joins the army and receives letters celebrating his valor on the battlefield. While responding, he comes across one from Sita, in which she pretends to be his wife. In order to solve the mystery and picture her face, Ram becomes immersed in her writings.

7. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal 

The film will make you miss young love and carefree friendships. The film will tickle your stomach with comedy and warm your heart with sweet romance. Sid’s cute antics of pursuing Ritu are adorable.

Dulquer Salmaan
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The film is about two con artists who fall in love with orphan girls and decide to settle down with them. Trouble begins when they get conned and discover the identity of the women in their lives.