With all the brilliant reviews pouring in for 83, it looks set to be the biggest hit of the year and is already being touted as the best cricket movie India has produced.

The Ranveer Singh starrer is slated to be released for the viewers on December 24, and if reviews have not convinced you yet, these anecdotes will do the job. 

Shared by the cast of the movie on Instagram, are actual events narrated by the team members of the 1983 team that won the trophy. And side by side, you see how they have been integrated into the movie word-to-word in some cases.

For instance, here’s Sandeep Patil telling people how Kapil would give instructions and no one would understand what he was trying to say.

And then there is Krishnamachari Srikkanth emphasising that most people in the team used to think Kapil has gone bonkers to even consider the possibility that India could defeat West Indies. 

Well, India did, in the end, and Kris says that the credit for that goes entirely to the captain.

Kirti Azad also had a funny incident to share. He dismissed Ian Botham in the semi-final and when that happened, people ran to the ground and put pounds in his pocket.

Later, Kapil questioned him about the style of delivery which was low and turned – to which Kirti says that he made up some stuff but still doesn’t know how it happened.

Apart from this, there was hilarious interaction between Mohinder Amarnath and Yashpal Sharma who was set on avenging insult from a Madras match.

They say the men scripted history in 1983. Little did they know they were actually writing a movie script as well – on the go.