We all may have grown up on a steady diet of possessive on-screen fathers who valued izzat over pyaar, but finally, movies changed. 

And in recent years, shows and movies have given us some amazing, heartwarming, beautiful moments between fathers and children. Like these: 

1. Sachin Sandhu from Thappad

Sachin Sandhu stands by his daughter, attempts to understand where his son went wrong, and accepts and corrects his own mistakes as a husband and father. At this particular moment, he establishes that a father’s role is not just to support a child, but to also guide them towards a better life. 

2. Narottam Mishra from Bareilly Ki Barfi

While society may judge Bitti (Kriti Sanon), she has the confidence to be her true self because of her father’s support. When she gets upset after overhearing her mother’s taunts, her father supports her by listening to her rant and reiterating that he agrees with her way of life, even if the society doesn’t. 

3. Sanjay Thapar in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

It’s one thing to know that our parents are going to be there for us. But quite another to see a father constantly reassuring his child, with actions and words, that he has his back – like Sanjay Thapar does. In this particular scene, when Bunny begins to feel guilty about leaving his father, Mr. Thapar is quick to assure him that he’s not upset, only concerned. Because he does not want anything, even guilt, to hamper Bunny’s journey. 

4. Hopper in Stranger Things

Biology does not determine parenthood, and Hopper was one of the finest examples of that. More importantly, parents evolve with children and that’s exactly what Hopper’s last letter to El proved – his willingness to change and evolve as a father. 

5. Mohan Viswakumar in Never Have I Ever

Even if they may not be physically present with us, parents stay in our hearts, guiding us forever. In this particular moment, Devi does not hear her father’s actual words but rather what she imagines would be his response. It is an indication of the relationship that existed between the two, that those words help boost her confidence. 

6. Lee Abbott in A Quiet Place

In a world ravaged by aliens, Lee Abbott is ready to die for his children. Right before he is struck dead, he tells his daughter, that he has always loved her. If that isn’t the best father moment, then what is! 

7. Sugandha’s father in Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

Sugandha’s father supports her daughter every step of the way and even helps his son-in-law seek treatment for erectile dysfunction. The ultimate example of his support comes when he advises his daughter to run away so that she’s not subjected to society’s skewed judgements. He’d rather she seek her happiness than be trapped in, what he believes will be, an unhappy marriage. 

8. Champak Bansal in Angrezi Medium

From selling his shop to committing fraud, Champak leaves no stone unturned in order to fulfill his daughter’s dreams. However, this moment shows how much he has changed as a person because he learns from the mistakes he committed with his wife. Because children value and learn from real role models much more than they learn from a ‘perfect one’. 

9. Mr. Effiong in Sex Education

Our parents are also changing and growing, with us. When Eric’s father first discovers that Eric is gay, he does not support him. But, over time, he finally shows that his fear stems from concern. He does not want Eric to have trouble fitting in like he experienced when he first moved. But he also understands that asking Eric to change who he is, is to hurt him. 

10. Anup Saxena in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

Anup Saxena is not just his daughter’s biggest cheerleader, but also the person who constantly motivates her, even when her own courage deserts her. Right from the start, he tells her that her dreams are not impossible, simply because they are novel. And when she thinks the alternative to constant sexism is to ‘settle down’, he is the one to remind her that women are not ‘made’ for household chores alone but are conditioned by the patriarchy into believing that. And he is not going to let his daughter accept that, just because things got difficult. 


11. Srikant in The Family Man

Srikant is the quintessential desi dad, who does not understand his children’s obsession with gadgets, can never stop stressing the importance of saving money, and may act severely, but ultimately, is far too quick to cave in to his children’s demands. 

And when Dhriti is kidnapped, he employs his training as an agent to rescue her. But the moment he meets her, his emotions instantly come to the forefront and he hugs her as if to reassure both her and himself, that she is safe and sound. 

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