Everyone is trying to find different mechanisms to cope up with this ‘never-ending’ lockdown. Some of us are taking to cooking, others to art and craft and yet others are finding solace in watching TV.

TV channels have taken good care of this by bringing back so many shows from the 90s, Ramayan, Office Office, Khichdi, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, etc. And not to forget Disney coming on Hotstar.


While the 90s kid in us couldn’t be happier, wouldn’t it be great if our favourite childhood art teacher made a comeback, too?

Yes, I am talking of Harun Robert aka Rob, who hosted M.A.D., the amazing art and crafts show on Pogo.


Agreed we are grown ups now.

Agreed the show was for kids.

But aren’t most of us trying to do some drawing, painting or sketching during this lockdown?

Rob kept us glued to our screens when we were kids, and I think it’ll be the same if we watch him now. Because drawing ke naam pe aata toh humein kuch nahi hai.

Tbh, this is our second chance to learn all that we couldn’t as a child.


Also, I promise to take it seriously this time and not just for fun. Mujhe bhi toh Instagram par post karna hai.

Apart from drawing and colouring, Rob also taught us so many DIY projects. And considering how bad I am at DIY projects, I think it’ll be great to learn it with all the music and dance on.

The Hindu

I have a request from the show makers. Please telecast it in the mornings, like it happened before. Two reasons – same feels and time se uth jayenge toh parents bhi khush rahenge.

Immense popularity of our fave art teacher’s YouTube channel, Mad Stuff With Rob, is proof that his comeback will be a big hit. 

It would be fun catching all his madness on TV again.

It would be fun learning drawing and painting again.

It would be fun being a kid again.