Actor Siddharth and Saina Nehwal recently got into a verbal spat, which has ended (for now) with the former issuing an apology on social media.  

It all started when Saina, India’s top badminton player and a member of BJP, expressed her concern over the lapse in the PM’s security during his visit to Punjab. 

Responding to the same, Siddharth had tweeted, “Subtle cock champion of the world… Thank God we have protectors of India. Shame on you Rihanna”.

The tweet that has now been deleted, started doing the rounds on social media as people criticised Siddharth for the language used.


He clarified himself by saying that “nothing disrespectful was intended” and that he was making a reference to the “cock and bull” phrase.

Times of India

Reacting to Siddharth’s tweet, Saina had said, “I used to like him as an actor but this was not nice. He can express himself with better words but I guess it’s Twitter and you remain noticed with such words and comments”.

Sometime later, Siddharth issued an official apology on his Twitter account and said he is “sorry about the joke that didn’t land”.

He signed off by calling Saina “my champion”. 

Saina has responded to his apology by saying that she is happy Siddharth has apologised.

The National Commission for Women also involved itself in the matter and urged Twitter to take action against Siddharth.