Adipurush opened to negative reviews with respect to the VFX, dialogues and a number of other elements. And viewers have a lot to say – where some think that the storytelling could have been better. Others also pointed out that Om Raut missed out on keeping the cultural subtext intact. The film has left people disappointed and the outburst on Twitter is proof of it.

Adipurush makers are paying people to delete negative reviews.

One would think that that would be the end of it, people reacting to a film and makers responding with a justification. But here, that’s not it. Apparently, a number of reviewers are being asked to delete their “honest reviews” about the film. Reportedly, the makers are sending out messages to people as a part of their PR activity.

People who received these messages, shared screenshots. And these messages also show the pricing – ranging from ₹7500 to ₹9500. Clearly, Adipurush is subject to chain reactions – which isn’t ending anytime soon.

It’s normal for makers to not feel stoked about negative reactions. But this is clearly not the best way to deal with them. This is assuming that the requests are in fact coming from the makers, which is not confirmed. These messages could also be coming from the fans of the movie. Either way, this is not the way to go about it.