Welcome is a cult-classic, and whether you’ve watched it or not, you know exactly how Majnu Bhai’s (Sagar’s) painting looks like. It’s a donkey riding a horse. “Rocking Horse“, which was sold to Ishika for $50,000 is timeless. And the same painting has been transformed into a Pixar film – the story of two friends, a donkey and a horse.

Source: YouTube/Netflix

Just kidding, it’s an AI generated a ‘Pixar-like’ poster, which is a replica of “Rocking Horse”. Shorted India, shared a post on Instagram with the AI-generated photo of THAT painting from Welcome. They captioned it with a very ‘believable’ note, mentioning that it’s the first look of the Pixar film which will be written around these characters from the painting.

On the other hand, this poster which was generated by an AI tool looks a lot like something Pixar would create. We’re just sad that the news isn’t true. But clearly, Artificial Intelligence is capable of a lot.

The internet likes the poster, but is still confused about the news.

Source: Instagram

The painting would actually make a great Pixar story.