There’s no doubt that Wake Up Sid is one of the finest coming-of-age movies. From introducing an ‘uncommon pairing’ as per our film industry standards to an oh-so-relatable storyline, this movie had a mature take on love and friendships.


One of the biggest highlights of the movie was the endearing journey of the new girl in the city, Aisha Banerjee. From falling in love with the city of dreams to developing a heartwarming friendship, she had us falling in love with her, truly, madly, and deeply.


However, the one scene from the movie, that lives in my heart rent free is when she falls in love with her flat. And, as a 20-something-old woman searching for independence, I couldn’t relate to any moment as hard as I did to her turning her house into her home.

Her one-room apartment, which she transformed into her cosy haven, was a major part of her journey towards freedom. But, before converting an empty space into her aesthetically-pleasing home, she made us fall in love with her determination.

When Sid called the society a ‘faaltu ki jagah‘ because it had no lift or a watchman, Aisha simply rolled her eyes and went into the building to take a look at the apartment anyway. 

At the first glimpse of the apartment, which had a torn yellow-toned sofa, filthy window glass and dirt all over, my reaction was just like Sid – Wait, is this a haunted house?

But, my mind quickly changed when she opened the window door and smiled to herself. It was that moment when she knew that this is going to be her future house.

When she was told that the entire flat is so damn filthy, she simply replied by saying that she’ll clean it.

Even though she was alone and had so many other options to look at, she chose not to. The glow on her face and in her eyes, after looking at that flat, could be seen from miles away. She already considered the apartment as ‘apni building‘.

She earned our respect when her filthy rich friend offered her financial help and she politely declined. Why? Because she was REALLY in love with her apartment.

Then came the part when we all fell in love with her apartment – the terrace. 

The gorgeous open space, with a mesmerizing view of the city skyline and blue waters, was to die for. And, it not only made us fall in love with her choice but it also changed Sid’s perception.

She adorned her new ‘home’ with beautiful pictures, paintings, a hanging chair and a mini dining table. And, needless to mention, the final result was to die for.

When she finally laid down on her mattress and let out a sigh of accomplishment, every girl could feel a sense of achievement. I know that at least I did.

And, that is how I fell in love with Aisha falling in love with her apartment!

Please note that all images are taken from the movie unless specified otherwise.