Didn’t we all laugh at the comedy bit, My Pregnancy Test by Aishwarya Mohanraj? With equal parts rib-tickling and awkward, the set perfectly highlighted how cumbersome the ‘sex talk with parents’ can go.


She’s appeared with a bang on Journey Of A Joke’s season 5. In the first episode of the season, she talks about how she got her parents approval to put her pregnancy test bit out and why she kept the ending ambiguous.


In conversation with Abish Mathew, she revealed the fact that her mother hated her pregnancy set. She says that her mother didn’t even watch the whole video after a certain point.

She can’t see the funny in it. I’m saying fuck. I’m talking about sex. I’m talking about her, sex and fuck in the same set. So, it’s a lot for my mom to process.

When Abish asked her what was her mother more disappointed with- the video or the pregnancy test, she replied that it was the video that disappointed her the most.

When I told her about the pregnancy test, she came to normal within an hour because I spoke to her about it. However, with the video, she said that why are you telling the world about your personal life in such detail?

Even though her dad is a more chiller parent, she still goes to her mother first. She revealed that she was so nervous when she went to her father to talk about her pregnancy set because even though she loved that bit, she won’t be able to upload it if her parents aren’t okay with it.

My mother even hates me saying the words like saala.

After watching the entire video, her father asked if the last bit would remain ambiguous and she replied with a big yes. Her dad finally convinced her mother with his cute flirty lines. 

The thing I love about my parents is that they are not always on the same page as me all the time but they don’t stop me from doing anything, which is perfect because you don’t have to agree on things.

You can watch the entire video here:

You go, girl!