You thought that the discussion around Ranveer’s nudes has finally died down? So did I. It has not. People have had all kinds of intellectual debates about his intentions, his actions…and his bum, and they are nowhere near the point where they’d stop. 

For instance, here is Sudhir Chaudhary of Aaj Tak asking a very fundamental question: why would Ranveer do it?

He says Ranveer has money, popularity, and fan following – then why would he do this to himself?

Aisi kya zaroorat thi? Aisi kya majboori thi?

Then he proceeds to say that these are images that one cannot look at with their family members, nor can they be shown on television. I mean, doesn’t that say more about families and television than it says about Ranveer? 

Also, this reminds me of the hilarious blurring of Ranveer’s photos where blurring is not even required. If anything, it only pulls focus. But who is going to tell all this to Sudhir?

People are trying, though. People are really out there, trying.

Earlier, an FIR was filed against Ranveer for “hurting the sentiments of women” with his pictures. The complainant had said that one can see his bum in the photos and that that is a “national issue”. 

I’d say that journalists should stick to discussing issues that are actually of national interest, like politics; but even that is a largely dangerous wish to make. We’re in deep trouble.