Recently, Ranveer Singh did a nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine and all hell broke loose. No sooner than the pictures were made public, memes started flowing in, then elaborate discussions, and then, sadly, an FIR. It’s hard to believe (or not) that someone actually filed a complaint against the actor for “hurting the sentiments of women”.

That’s just bizarre, I do not know of one woman whose sentiments were hurt by Ranveer’s photos. 

Oh, sorry, I do know someone. We all do. The woman who came on a TV debate and said that the photoshoot was offensive because we could see “his bum” and that that was a “national issue”. Funny that the news of him baring it all is neither national nor an issue

Anyway, here’s a list of all the weird things that have happened because of Ranveer’s bum in a matter of a few days. 

1. For starters, here is the video of the woman I mentioned before, the complainant, explaining with full sincerity the ‘seriousness’ of her claim and urging everyone to take it seriously. 

2. Meanwhile, another news channel tried to discuss the double standards with which men’s and women’s nudity is met. Theoretically, a decent topic of conversation, but things soon got out of hand. Watch for yourself.

3. An NGO, named Neki Ki Deewar, went as far as organising a cloth-collection drive to make a point against Ranveer’s nudity. And people actually came in donated outfits. This happened in Indore.

News 18

4. This is not where it ends, though, media outlets are coming up with their most creative (?) ideas to present the subject to their viewers. For instance:

5. An online clothing site also joined in the whole discussion and made a meme where Ranveer is dressed, and captioned it “fixed it”. What was presumably a marketing trick backfired, though, as people questioned the company for ‘moral policing’.

This is what happens when people have too much time on their hands and too little space in their heads.