Remember Samrat Prithviraj — the ‘historically inaccurate’ historical-action drama, where Akshay Kumar prides on romancing a female lead less than half his age? Yes, that film seems to have missed out on more than just the history chapters. This time, it’s the direction of action scenes in the movie. For a drama based on a ruler and a battle, you’d think that they’ll at least get the depiction right – but nah, who has the time?


Some people who endured the film in its entirety, have been raising all the right points about what went wrong. And, this time a Redditor has an important observation from a scene. Here, Akshay Kumar who portrays Prithviraj Chauhan in the film, literally headbutts a man from the opposite army. And here’s the catch – the man is wearing a metal helmet, whereas Akshay Kumar is not. 

While carrying a sword with him in a scene that plays in slo-mo, Akshay Kumar uses everything but the sword. He also goes on to punch the man. All this headbutting and punching with the sword flailing around must have made it go – bhai mai kyun aayi? But no, it’s our action hero who loves to show-off his skills, so for his vanity, we can ignore these inaccuracies and poor direction, right? 

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Of course, Redditors couldn’t keep it in.

Proper dhishum-dhishum vibes.