Koffee With Karan promises a lot of fun, and then some – which we’re all for. It’s definitely no news that the wait for KWK season 7 was quite a task. And now that it’s finally streaming, a lot of us couldn’t help but watch the first episode, right away. As expected, it had all the inside stories, gossip and then some funny moments, that made us laugh out loud, literally. 

1. When Ranveer Singh called himself an ‘ass-man’. No, not how we’d assume. Bollywood has a new weird superhero.

2. When KJo talked about Mahesh Bhatt’s reaction on Alia’s wedding, when everyone else was bawling. 

Honest Indian weddings.

3. When Alia Bhatt ALMOST recited an essay on Karan Johar’s marriage. 

It was the pressure, people.

4. When KJo named a hypothetical reality-show about the Bhatt family. 

Um, okay…

5. When we found out that there’s more ‘Ranveer’ to Ranveer. 

We all need a ‘sakhi’ like him.

6. When Alia Bhatt read out ‘Appreciation Of The Year’ by Ibrahim Ali Khan.

The art..

7. When KJo and Ranveer Singh started talking about their own ‘Barbie’ movie. 

‘Cos who needs Ryan Gosling, right?

8. When Alia Bhatt was more interested in the wedding pictures, than the actual ceremony. 


9. When Ranveer Singh directed a sex-playlist for classical music lovers. 

His beats had a climax. 

10. When Ranveer Singh was every Bollywood actor. Literally all generations. 

Have you played with a crazy ball? Yeah, same energy.

Can we get a Part 2 of this episode?

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