Amazon Prime has dropped the season 2 of Panchayat. And safe to say, I have fallen in love with the show all over again. While the new season pilots with its familiar adorable comedy-drama sort of vibe, it becomes a mind-wrecking emotional rollercoaster ride towards the end. Since we have already been emotionally gripped by the characters for the longest time, this season’s climax sets off a volcano of emotions within us.

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Speaking of characters, I think the Village of Phulera is abode to the most lovable humans on Earth, with Rinky-ke-Papa as the perfect OG. The persona of Brij Bhushan Dubey, as played by Raghubir Yadav, has so many flavors that just make him the best thing about Panchayat. Here’s a bunch of reasons why we all love Pradhan Ji.

1. He is a caring dad

Pradhan Ji loves his daughter and wants the best for her. Even within the society and the context he operates, he believes marriage can wait because he won’t bend his or his daughter’s dignity for the groom’s family. His love for his daughter comes forth time and again as ‘Rinkiya-ke-Papa’ buzzes from his cellphone. Besides, Rinky and Pradhan Ji’s unity against Manju Devi is just an icing on the cake.

2. He is a doting husband

The innocent love that brews between Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi lies behind the veil of their constant love-hate equation. Can anything be cuter than Pradhan Ji slyly flirting with his wife right before their doomed attempt to have lunch with a potential son-in-law? Also, the way he secretly eats food with Rinky when Manju Devi is fasting is just too cute. 

3. He is a true friend

Friend in need is a friend indeed, and Pradhan Ji is a true friend. Even when he had that serious broil with Abhishek over inviting MLA to the akhand kirtan, he came back to remove the snake from his office. Not only that, he offered Sachiv Ji and his friend his house to stay for that night. Also, when the saturation point came, Pradhan Ji didn’t bat an eye before standing up to the MLA’s constant cusses to back up his friends. He puts on his cool gangsta vibe when he needs to.

4. He is super hospitable

I know! Even I don’t like the idea of getting a ‘lauki’ each time I visit my friend’s place, but that’s just Pradhan Ji’s hospitality. He even took jackfruit to the MLA’s house after the latter didn’t appreciate ‘lauki’ the first time. Moreover, Pradhan Ji is always happy and cheerful while welcoming friends to his house. When Abhishek didn’t come to his house for tea, he legit freaked out. Hospitality is an integral part of Pradhan Ji’s jolly personality that makes us love him a little more.

5. He is a forever optimist

Whatever can go wrong goes wrong, but Pradhan Ji never loses his charm. Be it the desire to wed his daughter or the pressure to mend the road, or be it the fear of getting arrested or the burden to organize the 72-hour holy kirtan, Pradhan Ji has a knack for regaining his composure and being his smiling, caring, cute self. He knows things will be alright eventually and that he won’t settle for less. 

6. He is fearless

You tell me? The man legit laid down on railway tracks for the protest just so the MLA gives him funds for the road. Pradhan Ji can deal with snakes, cuss the MLA, ignore his haters, and diss the goons right on their faces. When it comes to his loved ones, he’ll be all arms to fight the battles of life. 

7. He is just too adorable & we can’t have enough of him

Undoubtedly, Pradhan Ji’s character is the most appealing. He is brimming with an innocence that gets mirrored in the way he walks and talks and expresses love, anger, hurt, and other emotions. His smile is gentle. His personality is heartwarming. In short, we all need somebody like Brij Bhushan Dubey a.k.a. Pradhan Ji to just exist in our lives, and it will automatically be a little better. 

That’s it from us. What do you love about Pradhan Ji?