Waiting for things is over-romanticized. I mean, who likes the time between placing an order and getting it delivered? Fine, we have the habit of waiting around for things like our crushes to reply or that promotion with the promised increment – but let’s just face it, we can do without all the waiting. 

Anyone who’s a movie buff, knows that watching films and shows on the first day of release is like a holy ritual. I can skip non-veg Tuesdays but I cannot miss out on release dates. 

So, when Amazon Prime Video releases films and shows before their scheduled date, we cannot help but love them for it. It’s like that feeling when our parents sent junk food to school for lunch (without telling us, of course).

I was already excited to watch Panchayat Season 2 and finding out that it released two days prior to the original release date, i.e, 20th May – it was like the kind of surprise that our friends fail to plan. 

This is not the first time that this happened – both the second seasons of The Family Man and Mirzapur released ahead of the scheduled dates. And, seeing this happen is a different kind of rush altogether. I just get excited when I notice an early release – thinking that duniya ko toh pata hi nahi chalega and I’ll be the first to watch. Spoiler Alert: THAT doesn’t happen.

Of course, sharing a date and then putting these shows or films before the schedule, adds a little to our already existing trust issues. My mom has lied about shalgam being aloo, on several occasions – so it can be difficult for someone like me to trust people and things. But hey, at least it’s a good lie, unlike the weird tasting shalgam that haunts my dreams.

We live in India where “bass pohonchne wala hu” means that we still haven’t left and 2-minute wali Maggi takes like 5-10 minutes to prepare. So, anything ahead of schedule, even an OTT platform pushing shows beforehand is like a huge deal. Trust me, I didn’t really sleep last night, after knowing that Amazon Prime Video released the show early. All I could think about was – why? Because, our desi families come to us with surprises and good news, only when they have a worse news to break. 

But, after over-analyzing Amazon Prime Video’s move, I could only come to the conclusion that they might just be nice and not like those exes who were extra caring, because they wanted to break-up.

Despite all the trust issues and over-thinking, I’m lowkey happy that Amazon surprises us with an early release every once in a while. Specifically, when it comes to new seasons of our favourite shows – there’s already a lot of anticipation and watching them before we expected to, definitely adds a happy vibe to the experience. Aur bann hi gaya hai show toh release karne mein kya hi hai – not like they can change anything. And, who doesn’t like to torture others with spoilers? No?

Anyway, it’s a way better surprise than my friends discussing my birthday plans in front of me.