It’s time to go back to The Matrix movie series as the fourth instalment titled The Matrix Resurrections is here!

Though we are happy the movie is finally released. But the Indian inside me is just a little more happy to see Priyanka Chopra and Purab Kohli in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’.

Yay! not just one, we have two desis in the film.

And it’s just not me, even Amul cannot stop but hail about this news. In their post on Instagram, Amul like always with quirky doodles is praising Purab and Priyanka for the role in the movie.

“Popular in Purab and Pashchim,” reads the tagline. 

They captioned the post saying, “Bollywood actors in new Hollywood blockbuster, Matrix Resurrections.”

In the film, Priyanka Chopra plays a character named Sati, while Purab Kohli plays the role of a game developer.

The Matrix Resurrections is directed by Lana Wachowski. We have Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss playing their roles as Neo and Trinity. 

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