From accidental marriages to washing laptops, there’s no doubt that desi television churns out some really bizarre content in daily soaps. However, there are some daily soaps that are genuinely good, like Anupamaa.

Based on a female character and her fight with her abusive marriage as she discovers her true potential, Anupamaa is one of the best shows that the audience has seen in the last couple of years. From the stellar cast to a gripping storyline, this show has made a home in the audience’s heart in a very short time.


Rupali Ganguly, who plays the lead female character in the show, has now become the highest-paid television actor, beating all her male co-stars. Due to her immense popularity amongst viewers, the actor earns much more than several famous male celebrities from the television industry.

The show, which broke its own record of 4 million viewership last year, has been repeatedly retaining the top position on the charts. 

As per the reports, the actor is earning a whopping ₹3 lakh per episode. A close source revealed that:

Rupali Ganguly started off with a fee of ₹1.5 lakh per day. It was in the high bracket but then she is a senior actress. Now, she is commanding ₹3 lakh per day. She is now the highest-paid actress on Indian TV. Rupali Ganguly has beaten many popular younger names in the business.

Very well deserved!