Just like Korean dramas are loved and adored across the globe, K-pop has plenty of loyal fans of its own too. Especially in India! The BTS and EXO craze is real folks. I mean just take a look at our favourite celebs, so many have admitted their love for Korean pop music.


So, here’s a list of Indian celebs who are fans of K-pop, just in case you were curious. Read on. 

1. AR Rahman

A few weeks back, we saw AR Rahman and his son AR Ameen at the Grammys, clicking pictures with BTS. Not only was the fan uproar loud AF for these two being seen together. But it was clear that the Rahmans are fans of the band. 

2. Diljit Dosanjh

I believe, one musician showing love to another is one of the purest, most wholesome moments to exist. Just like Diljit Dosanjh’s sweet post here, where he is appreciating BTS and showing his respect for their work. 

3. Badshah

Singer and song writer Badshah also expressed his love for BTS by praising the band’s single, Boy With Luv. 

4. Disha Patani 

Apparently, Disha Patani is quite the BTS fan. She even posted this super adorable story with her doggo with Zero O’Clock playing in the background.  

5. Vishal Dadlani 

Back in 2018, a Twitter user tagged Vishal Dadlani and said that they’re waiting for the Indian singer and EXO to collaborate. Vishal Dadlani retweeted and was totally on board with the idea, and said he’d love to work with them!

6. Armaan Malik

Something similar happened when a fan asked Armaan Malik whether he listens to Korean pop. The singer replied with an affirmative and said he listens to both BTS and EXO. 

7. Tiger Shroff 

Back in 2020, the actor uploaded a fun dance video grooving to BTS’ single Dynamite. Shroff posted the video with the caption ‘Anyone else in love with BTS’ new single!,’ which clearly means he was feeling the song high-key. 

Guess everyone has K-pop fever.