We’ve been stuck to our screens since the first season of Shark Tank India started airing. And there have been different reasons for the popularity. From the interesting pitches to the memes, everything about the show has us hooked – and the sharks remained the commonality in all those reasons.

Today, we know them for their insights, but they were budding entrepreneurs themselves once, trying to make it in the world of business. Here’s a look at how the Sharks looked when they first started their business ventures (many, not the same as their current ones) and what they look like now.

1. Ashneer Grover 

2. Peyush Bansal

3. Anupam Mittal

4. Aman Gupta

5. Ghazal Alagh

6. Namrita Thapar

7. Vineeta Singh

The judges have a come a long way, haven’t they?