Shark Tank India introduced us to entrepreneurs and also the business lingo that some of us hardly understood before the show. But, the best part still remains the judges. While all of them are already the people behind some of the biggest brands, we still didn’t know them up close. This is exactly why they garnered immediate and immense attention.


Ashneer Grover, the BharatPe co-founder specifically gained a lot of fame – not all of it positive. The Shark Tank judge is known for his blunt and to the point criticism. He’d appreciate the pitches that he liked but also made sure to tell the contestants when he didn’t find their products up to the mark. This resulted in a lot of memes, attention and negative comments, as well. In an interview with Rohan Joshi and Sahil Shah, he shared how he deals with the fame and also the downside of being on television. 

Rohan Joshi has been hosting interviews on YouTube – 30 Questions with Shark Tank’s Judges. They’re entertaining and fun to watch, and we also get a lot of tea from behind the scenes of the show. In his interview, Ashneer Grover mentioned how he receives negative comments on social media which he ends up deleting. 

Abhi bhi raat ko chhup chhup main 3 baje uth kar gande comments ko delete maarta hoon.

-Ashneer Grover to Rohan Joshi


He also mentioned that he used to sound more rude than he meant to be because he used to converse in the Hindi language – without any filter. He added that people have started recognising him even with the mask on and they ask for selfies and pictures when he’s out – something that comes with the fame. This interview is full of candour and a lot of insights about the Shark Tank judge.

Mere saath problem kya hai ki mai Hindi bolta hu, toh ab Hindi mei koi filter nahi hai, jo hai so hai, bol diya.

-Ashneer Grover to Rohan Joshi

Watch it here:

You can clearly not ignore him, no matter how you feel about him.