Holiday special episodes are essential in TV shows, however, sometimes the new ones fail to top our beloved ones from classic shows. But new or classic, I love these seasonal delights. If you are anything like me, you would, too, find the Christmas-themed episodes amusing. 

Especially, for the ones who don’t want to indulge in lengthy films, the Christmas specials are perfectly bite-sized while you stay in this season.  


So get into those cozy pajamas, get your festive treats and press play. 


We’ve rounded up some of the Christmas special episodes from your favourite sitcoms of all time. 


1. Friends: “The One With The Holiday Armadillo”

Friends does have better Thanksgiving episodes than Christmas ones. Besides the one where Ross decides to appear dressed as an Armadillo (who is Santa’s friend apparently). Ben, Ross’ son, needs to know of his Jewish traditions and Hanukkah. And that seems to be going well until Joey shows up in a Superman costume. 

Bonus: Do watch “The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie”, solely for the Christmas song Phoebe pens down for her friends.

2. The Office: “Christmas Party”

Although The Office has plenty of festive episodes, the earliest Christmas one in season two has all the required elements. Michael tries to get his own way when the gift swap doesn’t go as he anticipated. And we all know how that can turn out. We also see some sweet moments and developments in Jim and Pam’s plotline. Brownie points for that!


3. The Big Bang Theory: “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis”

One of the most hilarious episodes of the show unfolds when Penny gives Sheldon a Christmas present. Now, Sheldon, who disdains Christmas, has to get her the perfect gift in return. Besides a bunch of gifts, Penny gets something exceptional – a rare “Sheldon” hug.

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4. New Girl- “Christmas Eve Eve” 

The iconic Christmas-themed episode hits the right notes. The gang gets together to spend the holidays and Jess organises a secret Santa gift exchange. As exciting as it may sound, secret Santa is also stressful. 

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5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”

Jake and Judy, the duo hilarious to watch, reunite for the Christmas special. The Pontiac Bandit earns Jake’s trust and assures that he possesses information regarding the Giggle Pig ring. After getting all the special treatment he demanded, Judy escapes. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine wiki

6. Modern Family: “Undeck the Halls”

In the first Christmas episode from the show, Phil announces that the festivities are cancelled unless one of his children owns up to their misbehaviour, Lily has an unexpected encounter with Santa, and Jay wants his usual celebrations but Gloria and Manny tweak everything as per Colombian traditions. Basically, it’s full of chaos like any other Modern Family episode but funnier. 


7. Ted Lasso: “Carol of the Bells”

An offbeat choice to drop a Christmas episode in August but how it unfolds, leaves all of us (holiday episode buffs) overjoyed. Of course, the episode begins with some serious holiday blues. However, in the end, Lasso joins Rebecca in celebrating the day rather than wallowing in his depression.  

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8. Schitt’s Creek: “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose”

The Rose family has always had their extravagant Christmas celebrations and Johnny just couldn’t let go of the family tradition. David and Alexis disappoint their father when it comes to performing basic tasks. But it’s a new beginning as they join in for a Christmas and Hanukkah party with no frills in Schitt’s Creek


Take our word for it, binge these episodes to keep the holiday spirit alive. Happy December!

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