Christmas is a time for warmth, for spreading joy and spending time with your family. It’s about telling the person you love how much they mean to you, and appreciating everything you have in the world. Or, you could screw all that mush and just watch a bunch of brutal, bloody, and downright PTSD-inducing horror movies to change things up. Ho ho ho!  

1. Krampus

The name of this film is based on the demon-goat from Austrian folklore – a creature who comes and scares children who have misbehaved during Christmas. This film revolves around a kid who loses interest in the holiday due to his dysfunctional family, in turn awakening the monster.


2. Gremlins

This 1984 cult-classic is a horror comedy with an absolutely ridiculous premise – which is why it’s still a fan favourite. The story follows these cute little baby-yoda like creatures that turn into vicious monsters if they’re given water or if they eat after midnight. The creatures go on Christmas eve rampage, and it’s a glorious holiday bloodbath.


3. A Christmas Horror Story

This Canadian anthology film tells 4 interwoven short stories about some truly terrible creatures who descend on the town of Bailey Downs during Christmas. The worst part is that even Santa himself isn’t safe from the worst of these monsters – Krampus himself. 

Gruesome Magazine

4. Better Watch Out

This 2016 psychological horror film stars Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller and Ed Oxenbould. The story follows a young boy and his babysitter who are forced to defend themselves against some very unwelcome guests on Christmas.

Bloody Disgusting

5. Silent Night

A small town’s Christmas festivities are cut short by the presence of a ruthless killer hiding in plain sight thanks to a Santa costume. The film stars Malcolm McDowell, of Clockwork Orange fame.

Bloody Disgusting

6. Mercy Christmas

Man meets the perfect woman – they click immediately – she invites him over for her family’s Christmas dinner. All going according to plan, right? Wrong – there’s a pretty gruesome twist to exactly what’s on the menu for this twisted tale. Hint, it’s him.

Dread Central

7. Anna and the Apocalypse

The genre of this film itself should be reason for interest – it’s a British Christmas zombie musical. Yeah, there’s a lot to decipher in that sentence. The plot revolves around anna and her friends fighting to save their town – and Christmas – from a vicious zombie attack.

Rolling Stone

8. Jack Frost

This isn’t the Jack that you’re probably expecting – it doesn’t star Michael Keaton or feature any kind of sentimentality. This was a direct-to-video slasher film about an animate snowman who uses his carrot-nose to kill people. Perfect corny holiday goodness.

Wicked Horror

9. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

This Finnish movie follows two young boys who believe the tomb of Santa Claus has been uncovered during a mountain drilling project. What emerges isn’t a benevolent and jolly old man however, but a monstrous creature that terrorises the land.

Empire Online

10. Santa’s Slay

This cheesy slasher-comedy stars professional wrestler Goldberg as the titular character. The twist however, is that Santa had been forced to be nice all these years due to a heavenly deal, and he’s actually a demon who can now finally do what he loves best – killing and being evil. 


11. P2

A businesswoman who leaves late from work gets stuck in a hellish Christmas Eve nightmare when a psychopathic security guard locks her in the underground parking garage. She must do everything she can to escape, and more importantly – survive, as her attacker is obsessed with her, and will stop at nothing.

Bloody Horror

Have a freaky Christmas, everyone!