Christmas is finally here and so is all the fun associated with the festival. Apart from curling up in a cosy blanket sipping hot chocolate and tearing open the presents, it’s the fun-filled hilarious games that that truly get us in the Christmas spirit.

Today, we have curated a list of some hilarious party games for adults that you can play this Christmas for pure fun! Ready? Let’s go!

Pine Whispers

1. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

You can play this game with your friends physically or even virtually. In this fun-filled game, the first person starts by naming something related to Christmas that begins with the alphabet ‘A’ like angels. The second person says something that begins with the alphabet ‘B’ like bells and so on. This could be a name, song or item. Anyone who takes too long or hesitates, drink drink drink!

2. The Shots Dialogues Game

Switch your television on and play any Christmas movie of your choice. Prepare your drinks and take a sip every time someone says ‘Christmas’. Chug the entire drink down when a song comes. By the end of the game, everyone would be quite boozy!

3. The Santa Hat Drinking Game

Oh, so you are one of the lazy kinds? Well, no worries. We have something for you too. All you have to do is grab a Santa hat and hang it on one of the corners (or both corners) of your television screen. Every time someone ‘wears’ it on the screen, you have to drink. Sounds easy yet fun, right?

4. Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss Game

Each person from the group has to come forward and wear the reindeer headgear. The other people from the group would take turns throwing little rings at these inflatable antlers. If one of the rings land on the headgear, the reindeer has to drink. If not, then the person throwing it would chug their drink down.

5. Drink If Game

It’s time to get creative, you all. Pick out a fancy festive paper, some colourful pens and write down some fun situations like ‘drink if you are wearing a red sweater’ or ‘drink if you have kissed someone under the mistletoe’. Then, make everyone pick a card one by one and get the party started.

6. Christmas Charades Game

No matter what the occasion is, we all have played charades with our friends and family. To add a dash of festiveness, keep all the clues, phrases and movie titles Christmas-themed. 

7. The Carolling Challenge Game

This is an easy game that you can play anywhere, from a home get-together to a virtual zoom party. For this game, everyone sits in a circle and one person starts the game by singing a line from a holiday song (you can also sing Bollywood songs instead of Christmas Carols). The person sitting next to the right has to sing the next line of this song and so on. The person who forgets the next line or takes a long pause, drinks their entire drink down.

8. Two Truths And A Lie Game: Christmas Edition

In this popular ice-breaker game, one person would tell two truths and one lie about their festive experiences. Everyone would then guess which one is real and which one isn’t. If they don’t guess, they have to drink their entire cup.

9. Five-Second Rule Game

This is a super fun game that you should definitely play with your gang. In this game, each player gets just five seconds to answer a holiday-themed question. These questions can be like name three popular Christmas movies or three Christmas songs. Sounds easy, right? However, it gets tougher under pressure.

10. Most Likely To Game

This is a game best played with a group of friends who know each other quite well. For this game, everyone needs to sit in a circle and one person from the group asks a ‘most likely to’ question. The questions can be something like ‘who is most likely to marry their high school sweetheart?’ or  ‘who is most likely to pass out on the floor tonight?’. Everyone would now point to who they think is most likely to do what was mentioned. That person, who is being pointed at, has to take a drink.

11. Flip, Sip Or Strip Game

This game is ideal for couples or friends you are extremely comfortable with. All you need is a coin and lots of booze. That’s right. Take turns flipping a coin and guessing what side it is. If you guess wrong, you either have to take a sip or take off a piece of clothing. Playing this game on a chilly Christmas night sounds really fun, right?

12. Musical Shots Game

Remember how we used to play musical chairs during our birthday parties in our childhood? Well, that game now has a grown-up kick to it and it’s super fun as well. Everyone in the group should get their shot glasses filled up and let the Christmas songs play. The player who happens to be holding the glass when the music stops, takes a shot.

13. The Witch’s Brew Game

Well, the name of this game says it all. Every player in the group prepares a concoction of weird things mixed with alcohol in a cup, like chocolate powder, ketchup or mayonnaise and name it something Christmas-y. The special drink is then passed on to the person sitting on your right. If they manage to stomach the witch’s brew, then everyone else does a shot and if they can’t, then they chug a shot.

14. Never Have I Ever Game

Lastly, an oldie but a goodie. You can never go wrong with this iconic game. It’s the same fun-filled game that Bunny plays with his friends in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. If you’re still confused over how to go about it, then let me explain. All you need to do is sit in a circle and the person, who would be starting the game, needs to say ‘never have I ever *insert something fun they have never done*’. This could be something like never having a one night stand or having sex in a public place. Anyone from the group who has done that thing will chug their drink down. Simple, right?

Which game sounds the most fun to you? Let us know in the comments. We hope you have a good party, folks! 😉