The capital of India will soon allow its residents to get alcohol delivered to their doorstep. As per the latest reports, the group of ministers of the Delhi government has said a ‘yes’ to the proposal.    

Earlier the Delhi excise department proposed to the Delhi cabinet to legalise the home delivery of liquor and stop regulating discounts offered by vendors. An official hinted that the proposal is in the final stage and said: 

The group of ministers recommended that home delivery of liquor sourced from retail liquor vends in Delhi may be allowed.

As per the proposal drafted by the Excise department, the home delivery of alcohol will be done by the enlisted intermediaries who will collect the liquor from the vendor and deliver it to the respective buyer by the chosen empanelled agency to do home delivery. 

The excise department will also craft terms and references for the grant of the L-13 licence after the cabinet approves the proposal for home delivery of alcohol.

India Today

To enable a smooth flow in the system the department will study the models adopted by other states. Reportedly, the excise department said that the department will ensure no violation of the provisions of the Delhi Excise Act, 2009, and the terms and conditions framed under the L-13 license.

Not just tasting rooms, the shops will have cigars, liquor chocolates, and art paintings on sale.

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