What is more certain and crystal clear than Sushmita Sen being one of the most adored and respected actors in our country? I would say nothing, really. 

She’s an icon and a role model for many women and has consistently shown us just how rad she really is; Whether it’s because of the amazing roles she’s done, or the words she’s spoken in her interviews. 

Which is exactly why we’ve gone ahead and compiled all of Sushmita Sen’s best interview moments. Perhaps we can all use some inspiration by her today?

1. When she got incredibly real about her hiatus in Bollywood. 

She was so very comfortable in discussing the pause in her career, and it taught us that a taking break from our career path doesn’t mean that it has ended. 

I think the 10-year hiatus set the priorities in order. It told me what I need to do and what not to do. Mainstream cinema wasn’t giving me what I wanted.

-Sushmita Sen

2. When she proved just how solid of a person she is by making a serious decision such as adopting a child, at a very young age. 

And she fought to change the law to be able to adopt her children.

3. When the former Miss Universe was beyond humble when she talked about buying her pageant outfit from Sarojini Nagar on Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai.

She even made the gloves for her evening gown from scratch!

4. And when she was super open about her personal development and growth on Rendezvous With Simi Garewal.

Not everyone can talk about how much they’ve grown in life, because that means they’d have to admit to having flaws in the past. Not Sushmita Sen though, she’s clearly authentic AF. 

5. And then again, when the actor was super transparent about having flaws and making mistakes, and how she grew from embracing them rather than denying them. 

Tumhe kya lagta hai, humne koi galti nahi ki hain? Dabaa ke ki hain. And I don’t carry guilt about them because I never bullshitted about them. I lived them.

-Sushmita Sen for Tweak

6. When a journalist compared her and Priyanka Chopra’s achievements and she ended up applauding the former Miss World for her success. 

You know a person is absolute gold when they can applaud another person’s success as freely and happily as they would their own. 

Bohot kam! In fact, Priyanka Chopra ne jo humaare liye kiya hai, bohot kam logo ne kiya hai. She’s made us very, very proud. 

-Sushmita Sen

7. When she talked about going through and overcoming a serious health crisis. 

Because, her vulnerability about experiencing something so chronic and recovering from it restored our faith and hope in miracles and the power of having a strong will. 

8. How she gracefully addressed the existence of ageism in Bollywood. 

Sushmita Sen’s extensive and wholesome response to how she feels about the ageism in Bollywood was proof of how wise and emotionally intelligent she is. With this viewpoint, the actor is clearly breaking stereotypes and barriers around women’s age in the Indian film industry.  

As you get older, you gain something that you never had in your twenties- experience. A level of handing your maturity. You have more depth and substance. And now, if you have depth and substance with some wrinkles and some lines…In my case, I believe it adds to your character… If you were to take away my depth and substance and just give me great beauty and make me Miss Universe, I would not settle for that today. 

-Sushmita Sen for Film Companion

9. When in this 2011 interview, Sen talked about how she approached life decisions and autonomy in life. 

She spoke about living life in a way where you can make adjustments rather than sacrifices. 

Stand up for yourself, and in doing so, if you have to fight it out – give yourself targets.

-Sushmita Sen told Bloomberg TV India

10. In this 2018 interview, Sushmita Sen made two, absolutely searing statements. First, where she owned her beauty and presence unapologetically. 

For one, I have never apologised for being beautiful.

-Sushmita Sen for Outlook Magazine

And second, where she shared her views on men who feel intimidated by independent and strong women. 

It doesn’t matter to me what they think. If there is an intimidation factor or if there is an element of not accepting a strong or independently thinking woman then the problem definitely lies with that individual, with that mindset. I refuse to accept it. That’s all I know.

-Sushmita Sen for Outlook Magazine

11. Even when she was asked about her ‘rivalry,’ with Aishwarya Rai, she had only, and only respectful words to say for herself and the former Miss World. 

Obviously, she’s always had an incredibly healthy perspective on competition. 

If at all we have rivalry, we have rivalry for our own work. To make sure that, ‘Hey I am doing this badly, I must be good at this.’

-Sushmita Sen

What a queen!