Disclaimer- There will be tons of major spoilers from season 2 of Aarya, so don’t come at us later. 

When I first watched Aarya, Season 1, I did it purely because I loved Sushmita Sen and wanted to see her on screen after ages. This time, when I watched Season 2 of Aarya, I did it for the screenplay, the plot twists and the characters. Inspired by the Dutch drama Penoza, the show revolves around a mother-turned-crime lord.

My favourite thing about Aarya is that no character is black or white. For example, Sampat has a soft spot for Aarya’s daughter Aru and he saves her life from drug overdose. Moments like these are like a silver lining in this dark crime-thriller drama. So I decided to highlight some of the best moments from Aarya, Season 2. 

1. Aarya’s courtroom testimony that saves Sangram’s life

Aarya is forced to be a witness in her family’s drug-cartel business trial and has to return to her home. Right when she is about to testify against her family’s drug business, Hina (her brother’s girlfriend) tells Aarya that she is pregnant forcing Aarya to lie for Hina and the unborn child’s sake. Here, we see her at her most vulnerable, trying to choose between her family and what’s right, along with facing the additional threat of the public prosecutor and Inspector Khan.

2. Aarya finds Sangram tried to kill her

This scene is a mix of emotions. Hina has just gone into labour and Sangram has been kidnapped by Gopi. In her pain, Hina confesses that it was Sangram who ordered the hit on Aarya at the safe-house. While Aarya suspected Sangram initially, it came as a heartbreak for her because of the betrayal. It is a bittersweet moment when Sangram’s son is born- while she is happy about the arrival of her nephew, she also feels hurt and betrayed by her brother.

3. Sangram’s death

While I have no sympathies for Sangram, his death was hard to watch. Sangram believes he is set free and goes to meet his son, when he is shot dead by Gopi. The scene became particularly difficult to watch, because even though he deserved it, I still wanted him to meet his child once.

4. Sushila helping Aarya when she is detained

Aarya is illegally detained by Khan for Sangram’s murder and is tied up during interrogation. She is told about Aru’s serious condition because of drug overdose and is mentally tortured in the lockup. The corrupt cop Sushila, being a mother, decides to help out Aarya and tells her that her daughter is out of danger and the cops have no proof against her. She also does this out of self-presevation, so that she is not caught when Aarya confesses about the drugs. This adds a new dimension to Sushila’s character as being merely a corrupt cop.

5. Veer hiding drugs during the police raid

Veer is probably my favourite character in Aarya. The poor guy tries his best to protect his siblings and in bits and pieces, his bond with Aarya, Aru and Adi shines. After Aarya is arrested by Khan, we see Veer trying to keep it all together, while trying to hide the drugs from the police. Veer is low-key, a hero in my book. He tries to take the responsibility of being the eldest brother. But you can see his vulnerabilities and his earnest efforts to stay strong for his family.

6. Aarya kidnapping Nandini

When Aarya realises that she cannot run away from her circumstances, and decides to take matters in her own hands, the scene becomes worth remembering. With the help of Maya, she kidnaps Nandini, Shekhawat’s daughter while she is returning from school, with her children. Aarya’s plan is badass and I couldn’t help but admire her. Also, I love how Maya as a true friend was ready to stand by Aarya to execute this plan.

7. Aru talking to Aarya after coming back home

Aru and Aarya have a strained relationship with each other. Post Tej’s death, Aru had taken a turn for the worse, with her attempts at suicide and drug abuse. Her experience at the clinic with her friend Paahi, opens her eyes and she realises how she misjudged her mother. It is a delicate scene which shows a mother-daughter relationship in its most vulnerable moment. It was really heartening to see this moment. 

8. Khan’s drunk talk with Ajay

I am a sucker for a sweet romantic scene and this is one of the only instances present in the series. Khan realises that he has fallen as a partner and a human because of his obsession with the drug-cartel case. In his drunken state, he calls his partner Ajay, and professes his love for him and apologises to him. It is rare to see a gay love-story done so well with its flaws and this scene, though short, was proof of it. I hope to see more of Khan and Ajay in the later series.

9. Aarya killing Udayveer Shekhawat and finding the truth about her father

Just after her meeting with the Russians, Aarya goes to stop Udayveer Shekhawat and is on the verge of killing him when she finds out that Udayveer is her father. She accidentally shoots him dead and we see the guilt and horror on Aarya’s face. It also highlights, how she is a reluctant killer and it’s the circumstances that forced her into it.

10. The final scene with Aarya covered in gulaal

In the final scene, Aarya and her family along with the Russians celebrate Holi. Everyone is covered in red including Aarya with the song “Digamber khele masaane mei holi” playing in the background. The red colour becomes symbolic of the amount of blood shed in the series. The scene begins with Aarya’s gulaal covered face walking in alone with all seriousness, and the audience gets a glimpse of the true anger and wrath in her eyes. 

This series was definitely worth every moment and I am desperately waiting for Aarya, Season 3.

All the images are screenshots from Disney+Hotstar.