The 2012 blockbuster OMG: Oh My God! starring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal in the lead roles, although labelled under a ‘comedy-drama’ genre, painted the reality of how far people go (or how low they stoop) in the name of religion.

Originally inspired by the Australian film The Man Who Sued God, this film has by far been at finest at exposing the unscrupulous charlatans and reminding people what faith actually means, which is relevant today, even 10 years later. 

In our many attempts to remember Akshay Kumar’s best films from years ago, OMG: Oh My God! is a blast from the past and we can’t help but reminisce the hard-hitting scenes from this film.

1. When Kanji fabricated an incredible story in order to sell a not-so-antique Krishna idol from his shop at a whopping price. 

This scene emphasised Kanji’s adamant view that tricking people in the name of the lord isn’t a hard nut to crack.

2. When no one wanted to acquire the land that was destroyed by a natural disaster, Kanji presented a stark reality.

Kanji’s store faced the catastrophe by the act of God which was rumoured to be ‘cursed’ by people. However, it is true that if idols were unearthed from the same site years later, the land’s value would skyrocket.

3. When a believer of God supported the atheist Kanji in his lawsuit against God.

Hanif sahab implied how asking questions is fundamental in any religion but when we aren’t provided with satisfactory answers, there are bound to be complaints.

4. When asked about how a place of worship could be called a business, Kanji offered a befitting reply. 

While talking about how holy places have huge turnovers, he brazenly enumerated all the things for which devotees are plundered in the name of God.

5. When Kaanji drew a whistle-worthy analogy to prove why he thinks the swamis should compensate him for his loss.

This was a big blow to the self-proclaimed agents of God. 

6. When Kaanji imparted his words of wisdom to someone who wasn’t going against the religious authorities because of the fear of society.

Seriously, where are these pompous religious leaders when the members of their community need them the most?

7. When Kaanji’s logical reasoning started influencing people from every strata of the society.

When the beggar finally did what Kaanji advised him to do and started working to earn a living.

9. When it was pointed out how devotees’ blind faith in religion blurs the line between what’s rational and irrational. 

Kaanji elucidated that even an iota of the luxuries that devotees shower on gods of every religion would be enough for the poor to survive.

9. When Swami Siddheshwar made a mistake in a fit of rage.

Swami Siddheshwar, when provoked by Kaanji, uttered what he actually thought of God, which was nothing but a commodity.

11. When Kaanji proved that every occurrence is by the will of God, in writing. 

Krishna convinced Kaanji that the answer to all of his questions was held in the holy books, and he thoroughly read Geeta, Bible, and Quran to establish his argument in court.

11. When, during an interview, Kaanji offered some eye-opening responses. 

It is no secret that many give up trying or do violent acts in the name of God, which is a distortion of any religion. 

12. When Lord Krishna himself told Kaanji how people ‘use’ religion as per their convenience.

In a lighthearted moment, frustrated Lord Krishna told Kaanji how people use religion for selfish purposes and hold the Lord responsible for things that are completely within their control.

13. In the end, Leeladhar Maharaj reminded Kaanji of the harsh reality of society.

When was the last time you did something for the love of God and not the fear of God?

14. When Kaanji highlighted how fear is the ultimate tool used by the propagators of religion to bulldoze you into doing something. 

Every event he talks about hits like a rock because it’s that real!

15. When Lord Krishna reveals to Kaanji the rumours people peddled about him when he was in the ICU for a month.

This one is still my favourite bone-chilling climax. 

Man, somebody get Akshay back to doing such films!