By far, which character makes the most iconic entry in a Bollywood film? Before you respond, it’s Akshay Kumar’s Dr. Aditya Srivastava as he brrr-ed his way into Bhool Bhulaiyya.

Out of the many long-distance relationships, the one that Akshay Kumar is currently having with comedy films feels personal.

Imagine an actor whose films are running in the theatres even during ungodly times and not seeing him doing what he does best. How excruciating it is as a die-hard fan!

The last time Akshay gave an attempt at being funny was in the horror-comedy film Laxmii which fell flat on the face as it made a joke out of the transgender community, further alienating them from society. So yeah, that’s not what we’re insinuating here.


We’re talking about the films that shaped our childhood, the finest of the comedy movies Bollywood has ever served us with.

The ones that infused innocuous, jaw-clenching laughter. The one where you utter “miracle miracle” two seconds before the character and have your moment in a crowded room. The ones you don’t mind re-watching even for the 264th time.


If I say that re-watching these hilarious gems – Phir Hera Pheri, Bhagam Bhag, Welcome, De Dana Dan feels as comforting as mother’s dahi chawal, you can’t deem me wrong. And this golden era of comedy was undisputedly reigned over by Akshay Kumar.

Indian Meme Templates

How can we forget his films have been the major source for generating the best of desi memes!

What if the crowd-favourite Raju from Hera Pheri didn’t exist, would you ever feel the exhilaration of sending the ‘paisa hi paisa hoga’ sticker every time your friend gets a raise at work? 


While Khiladi Kumar has taken a hiatus from humour, he’s essayed a number of characters in films with social implications. Among them were Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (2017), Padman (2018), and Mission Mangal (2019). Although these films triumphed to some extent, they had their own set of loopholes.


The king of comedy recently flipped pages of the history books and coronated himself as the king of India ‘Samrat Prithviraj’. Regardless, it triggered even his ardent admirers to draw parallels between his 2019 comedy flick Housefull 4 and this historical drama.

If everything you do is prompting your fans to get a déjà vu of your comedy, perhaps it’s a sign?

Recently, we’ve all, in unison, concurred that Akshay Kumar hasn’t done enough to experiment with his characters in certain films


But, given the truckload of his releases, we can imagine how meticulously he might be filming multiple films in a day. So we understand that portraying characters who look and feel the same would make life easier. 

To sum it up, Akshay has demonstrated unparalleled acting chops in comedy and there’s barely anyone who comes close to him in that genre. So, all we’re left to ask is: