Every time Shah Rukh Khan holds the Ask Me Anything sessions on Twitter, the superstar ends up giving many light-hearted moments for his million fans. Out of which, most moments leave us in splits. It comes out as a great way to interact with fans on social media while netizens witness his off-screen persona. While sometimes SRK is witty and sassy, other times he is naturally charming in his thought-provoking responses. A few times, he roasts his fans who try to mess with him.

Source: Tenor

Yesterday, Shah Rukh Khan held #AskSRK session on Twitter and we have picked 13 best responses of the superstar from it.

Let’s check them out:

1. When someone asked SRK a quality that other actors don’t have

2. When someone asked SRK if he sings or dances in the shower

3. When a fan called SRK ‘cute’ and asked if it’s him in the picture

4. When someone imagined a SRK universe where his characters had a crossover

5. When someone asked SRK why he is only available for 15 minutes and if Gauri makes him do household chores

6. When a concerned fan asked SRK if he has eaten dinner

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7. When someone posted a video of their pet cat watching Jhoome Jo Pathaan and told SRK that it loves him

8. When someone made a comment on SRK’s handsomeness

9. When a fan asked SRK about the content of Jawan

10. When someone asked SRK if he clings to the past memories

11. When someone told SRK that a male friend has a crush on him

12. When someone asked about the things that men should keep in mind to look appealing

13. When someone asked SRK about how does he feel for his fame

15 minutes of #AskSRK ended on this note:

Well, that’s how Mr. Shah Rukh Khan signed off from #AskSRK in his usual wittiness. Badshah for a reason.