Shah Rukh Khan has witty humour that no one can match. His interviews, press meetings, and fan interactions are proof of it. And of course, #AskSRK sessions, where the superstar makes netizens laugh out loud with his cheeky responses. SRK recently held #AskSRK session for 15 minutes on Twitter where fans quizzed him about his upcoming films, Jawan and Dunki along with other random questions.

Source: PTI

Speaking of which, a hilarious banter between Shah Rukh and his concerned fan has caught our attention. And this ended up with netizens witnessing something special.

Here’s what happened. A Twitter user, @fortgatetrader, quizzed SRK if he had a meal last night. “Khaana khaaya kya bhai?” the user asked. To which, the Pathaan star (@iamsrk) replied with a witty response that reads, “Kyun bhai aap Swiggy se ho…bhej doge kya?”

Surprisingly, Swiggy, the food delivery app, noticed their conversation and responded to SRK’s reply. In the tweet posted on its official Twitter handle, @Swiggy asked the superstar if they could deliver the order. “Hum hain Swiggy se, bhej dein kya?” the tweet reads.

Team Swiggy later delivered dinner for SRK at his mansion, Mannat in Mumbai. In a picture posted by Swiggy, we can see seven delivery valets standing outside Mannat and the post reads, “Hum Swiggy wale hain aur hum dinner leke aagaye.” (Wait, what? They took his reply quite seriously 🤩)

Check out the post here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this:

Going by this Insta story, it looks like the order was accepted at Mannat. The marketing guy of Swiggy surely deserves a raise in his salary.

Also, the power Shah Rukh Khan holds is truly unreal. Just one reply on Twitter, and look at the result. Well, we hope SRK received his favorite food for dinner. Tandoori chicken? Was it?