We can’t keep calm because Bigg Boss 16 is starting in just a week! After a lot of teasing through the BB promos, we finally got to know that this brand new season will be airing on 1st October. Since the speculations for Bigg Boss 16 start date ended, other speculations about the Bigg Boss 16 contestants, the themes, etc began.

And as we promised you, we are bringing all the speculations and gossip to you! And in today’s agenda, it is the Bigg Boss 16 theme.

Bigg Boss 16 Theme

As you know, one of the best things about Bigg Boss is that there’s a new theme every year. This not only makes it stand out from the previous seasons but also keeps the audience engaged and entertained. 

There has been such a variety in the themes in the previous seasons. So, why not have a look at some of the past themes before we get on to what you can expect in the upcoming Bigg Boss 16 theme 2022?

Bigg Boss Season 6 – Village Theme

By season 5, Bigg Boss had become a rather controversial show. So, in season 6, the approach was to make it more parivarik, and hence the tagline – Alag Che. This was the first season in which a theme of sorts was introduced and it was a Village Theme. 

bigg boss 16 theme
Source: Memsaab

In this season, a new house was built along with the original Bigg Boss house. It was built in a village-like setting, and some of the contestants were moved to the new house and had to work hard to survive.

Bigg Boss Season 7 – Heaven & Hell Theme

The seventh season of Bigg Boss was titled “Jannat Ka Wow Aur Jahannam Ka Aaw Dekhege Saath Saath” and it was based on a Heaven and Hell theme. Once again, the house was divided into two parts – one really large and spacious with all the luxuries, and the other really miserable with no water or gas supply or even comfortable beds, which was essentially used as a means to torture contestants.

bigg boss 16 theme
Source: India Today

Bigg Boss Season 8 – Aircraft Theme

In the eighth season of Bigg Boss, an immobile aircraft was put in the house. With no leg space and no leg space, the contestants were cranky which turned into huge fights in the very first week itself.

bigg boss 16 theme
Source: Twitter

Bigg Boss Season 9 – Double Trouble Theme

The ninth season of Bigg Boss was titled Double Trouble. In this season, two contestants were tied together like conjoined twins in the beginning and then released after a couple of weeks. This season was full of conspiracy, romance and drama and brought double trouble for the contestants.

bigg boss 16 theme
Source: ET

Bigg Boss Season 10 – Indiawale Theme

Bigg Boss season 10 welcomed the common people for the first time in the house, with Bigg Boss telling them “India Isse Apna Hi Ghar Samjho”. The commoners were called Indiawale and were titled Maalik while the celebrities were titled Sevaks. This season saw some of the most interesting encounters between the commoners and the celebrities.

bigg boss 16 theme
Source: India Today

Bigg Boss Season 11 – Neighbourhood Theme

The theme for Bigg Boss Season 11 was the Padosi or Neighbourhood theme where the contestants were divided into two houses and asked to keep an eye on each other – just like your typical Pados ki aunty.

bigg boss 16 theme
Source: The Indian Express

Bigg Boss 16 Theme Speculations

Enough about the previous themes. Let’s talk about the Bigg Boss 16 house theme and all the speculations around it.

There have been several reports claiming that the theme for this season was something along the lines of “Ocean and Water” or an Aqua theme. In some of the leaked images from the set circulating on the internet, the Bigg Boss house can be seen adorned with bright blue and gold hues with sea-inspired embellishments.


But according to some other speculations, the theme for Bigg Boss 16 house is not going to be Aqua Theme but a Circus Theme instead.

Shocked? We were too. So many reports claimed the theme would be Aqua that we didn’t think there could be any other speculations. But according to a YouTube video, this season’s theme isn’t Aqua but a Circus Theme instead.

In all the promos Salman Khan was heard mentioning, “Iss baar Bigg Boss khelenge” and we all were wondering what could it mean. Although there is no confirmed news from the official channels, speculations are that the Bigg Boss house will have everything that you can see in a Circus. 


According to reports, the Bigg Boss house is ready and is made to look like a circus with all its iconic tents and features like Maut Ka Kuan, etc. The house will also hone different animals and stuntmen and the host Salman Khan will be the Ringmaster of the circus.

Now, are these reports true? We can’t be sure until there is some official announcement but does this excite us? Definitely YES! 


The question is also whether the Bigg Boss 16 theme will be an Aqua theme as previously reported or a Circus theme as per new speculations. 

If it’s the latter, it would also be interesting to see how this Circus theme will be executed and what roles will the contestants play in Bigg Boss’ Circus. 

The fact that Salman Khan keeps mentioning “Rule ye hai ki koi rule nahi hai” combined with the speculations of a Circus theme, one can only wonder about the entertainment and drama that will ensue.