Bigg Boss 16 episodes get more and more dramatic with each passing day. Over the weekend, we saw contestants unleash their fury on Gautam Vig for gambling their ration for the sake of captaincy. While the housemates have won back their food, new twists and turns await us as we begin another week inside the BB house.

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We understand there’s always just too much to catch up on in the forever-happening Bigg Boss episodes. To keep you updated with all the teeny tiny developments, here are the live updates from the Day 31 of Bigg Boss 16.

8:00 AM – Good Morning BB.

The morning alarm rings at 8 on the dot. The housemates gather in the garden area to sing the Bigg Boss anthem.

10:15 AM – Abdu gets teased

Sajid asks Abdu how he’d kill his wife if he found her with chiknu (Ankit) or MC Stan. After a playful banter, Abdu reaches a resolve and states he’ll never get married.

10:30 AM – Archana is unsure about Gautam.

Archana warns Soundarya about Gautam. She says Gautam does not love her. Soundarya tries to resolve the issue between Archana and Gautam, but she hides under the quilt. Archana also questions her about Shiv’s body-language.

Soundarya tells Gautam about her conversation with Archana.

12:00 PM – Abdu is smitten.

Abdu hops around the house flirting with female contestants and distributes his number. He flirts with Soundarya, Tina, Archana, and Priyanka. Nimrit asks him if he is trying to make her jealous.

1:30 PM Archana is not cooking.

Tina raises her concern about lunch and Archana not cooking. Gautam tells her that he is raising the issue with Bigg Boss. Tina says this won’t help.

1:45 PM – Archana has no duty.

The alarm rings to wake the sleeping Archana. When Gautam confronts Archana, she says she will cook on her own time. Other housemates counsel Gautam to not let her do any kitchen duty for the remaining day.

2:15 PM – Abdu hasn’t forgiven Sumbul.

Sajid, Nimrit and Shiv poke fun at Abdu. They ask him to forgive Sumbul for nominating him in the past week. Sumbul desperately wants to talk to him but Abdu is adamant.

2:45 PM – Gautam is pissed with Soundarya.

Archana is pissed to hear Gautam’s decision of forbidding her to cook in the night. Soundarya gives Archana lunch. Gautam is pissed with Soundarya about the same, while the latter explains that she offered her food out of humanity.

3:15 PM – Shiv expresses his opinions about Shalin to Tina.

Shiv and Abdu discuss about Tina being the most dangerous person in the house. Shiv then goes to Tina and enquires about her motto before entering the BB house. Tina asks Shiv about his coldness towards Shalin, to which he confesses that he finds the actor ‘over’ in his gestures.

BB Bulletin with Shekhar Suman commences.

Shekhar takes jibes at Ankit, Priyanka, Gautam, Shalin, Soundarya, and Sumbul. Shekhar warns Abdu that his heart might break. He also says that the housemates are ditching each other.

Bigg Boss House – The Cricket Stadium.

Shekhar Suman gives his BB commentary. He pokes Archana and Gori about their fight in the preceding week. Additionaly, he talks about Ankit’s laid-back demeanour and Sumbul’s forever gloomy eyes. He also mentions Shalin’s overacting and Abdu’s new angry avatar.

Ankit gets 50 ka Talktime.

Ankit gets 50 ka Talktime. Shekhar says it is for the audience in compensation for Shalin’s overacting.

Shiv forms the BB team.

Taking forward the cricket allegory, Shekhar asks Shiv to form the BB team. He asks him about the deserving captain for the house. He names Nimrit. Furthermore Shiv names: Archana – the untrustworthy wicket-keeper, Priyanka – the hyper-active fielder, Shalin – the match fixer, and Abdu – the dependable batsman who can bat a sixer at the last ball.

Archana and Priyanka fight.

Meanwhile, Archana raises her hygiene concern with the way Priyanka makes food. Priyanka gets irritated with the former for stretching the same old issue. Archana even brings a jug to demonstrate how Priyanka makes food. Gori then pokes Archana.

Sumbul has no contribution to the show.

Resuming the BB team task, Shiv names Sumbul as the player whose existence does not affect the show. Shalin defends Sumbul.

Gautam is the gugli bowler.

Shiv also names Gautam as the gugli bowler. Ankit then points out Gautam’s lack of decision-making abilities in the whole captaincy fiasco. Gautam gets irritated. He says if other housemates can think about themselves, why can’t he?

Is Tina an all-rounder?

Shiv names Ankit as the clueless player and Sajid as the empire. He also names Tina as the all-rounder. Finally, he completes his BB cricket team by adding himself as the player with whom other housemates need to exercise caution.

5:00 PM – Priyanka vs Archana.

Priyanka and Archana get engaged in a fierce fight. Priyanka asks Gautam to change her duty. Archana calls Priyanka, Gautam-ki-chamchi. Priyanka asks Archana not to be a stereotypical ‘possessive saas.’

6:45 – Shalin confronts Tina.

Shalin calls out Tina for bitching about him. Tina calls Gautam to clear the air. Shalin accuses Tina of speaking ill about him behind his back. Gautam tries to explain the situation to Shalin, but the latter lashes out on the two and storms off. Later, he brings Nimrit and Sumbul to justify his point.

7:15 – Are Gautam and Nimrit friends again?

Shalin and Nimrit take a jibe at Gautam about Soundarya. The duo pretend to be Soundarya and Gautam and engage in a playful banter. Meanwhile, Soundarya explains his frustration with Nimrit to Gori.

1:15 AM – Are Gautam and MC Stan friends now?

Gautam talks about the double standards of the housemates with MC Stan. The latter states that he wants to test the loyalty of his so-called group.

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1:45 AM – MC Stan is pissed with Shiv.

Continuing the conversation, Stan calls out Shiv’s hypocrisy for asking him not to speak with Gautam, while engaging with him, himself. Gautam also points out Nimrit’s insecurities from her behaviour in the past few days, and the episode concludes.

Woah! Wasn’t the episode a blockbuster?

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