Even if you are not a Marvel fan, chances are that you are aware of the fact that Marvel movies are known for their end credits scene. When it comes to other movies, audiences leave theatres as soon as the credits start rolling in. But Marvel fans know better. The credits, for any Marvel Cinematic Universe film, usually have easter eggs and tiny surprises that keep the viewers waiting for the next MCU movie.

A user took to Reddit and mentioned how they feel that Black Panther has the best credits scene out of all the MCU movies. The movie is also the first Marvel Studios film to be directed by a Black director and featuring a predominantly Black cast.

“The credits had the best CGI in the entire movie.” – DrMantisTabogon

“This one genuinely blew me away the first time I saw it. The emotional ending of the flick itself, combined with the music, and the visuals just knocked me right off my a**.” – Dekuswagg

“I cried. As a Black person seeing this for the first time, it meant a lot. SZA and Kendrick on a Marvel film was something I had never imagined. The entire theatre was balling. I wish I could go back and watch it again for the first time.” – solangesdurag

“Not only this credit, I love the entire movie for its style and music. Well packaged.” – lankanpot

People love to agree to disagree. And similarly, Redditors had other opinions.

“No. Endgame with the salute to the Original 6 is the winner, hands down.” – holdenliwanag

Winter Soldier is definitely up there for me.” – vesuvianthree0

“I love the Black Panther soundtrack, but I specifically remember watching the Shang-Chi ending animation and song, and thinking how well it flowed with the scenes right before and after. Really a perfect fit for the movie IMO.” – tree_embracer

“I personally like Iron Man 3. The music is funny, and the scenes are from the whole trilogy. Simple but effective. Also, I liked the statue of Age Of Ultron.” – Desperate-Employee15

“There is not enough credit for Iron Man changing the credits game. The idea of leaving the audience on a ‘wow’, made the other studios take notice. It was perfect too; give the masses what they want with the right song, craft some interesting new visuals, and throw in a few easter eggs for the fans.” – ElectricJunglePig

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and David Hasselhoff, in particular, would like a word.” – Hyattmarc

Spider-Man: No Way Home was one of the best.” – wTEstrilhate

“Out of all the current MCU movies, it definitely goes to Civil War for me. The beat that it ended on, followed by the stellar credits really sets you in a mood.” – DageWasTaken

Thor: Ragnarök has a much better vibe.” – LordVaderVader

Eternals, for me, has the best credit sequence.” – gray_zacharias

“Marvel is good at them generally, but the single one that I can watch over and over and over and over is WandaVision‘s. From the proper films, my guess (but only a guess, without much further review) would be to prefer Doctor Strange‘s credits. Loki‘s was also deeply perfect.” – BaronZhiro

Tell us which is your favourite end credits scene in the MCU.