Bollywood debuts are considered a huge deal, or at least they’re talked about a lot. Every time a new actor sets foot in the film industry, it seems like that’s all everyone cares about. But, not all ‘first films’ lead to a wonderful career for these actors – things can go both ways, and well, they do. 

And, Redditors have some opinions about the worst debuts in Bollywood:

1. “Painter Babu, made by Manoj Kumar to launch his brother Rajiv Goswami. I don’t think we ever heard of Rajiv again. Incidentally, the movie was also the debut of Meenakshi Sheshadri, and music directors Uttam-Jagdish, who went on to have pretty notable careers.”


2. “Armaan Jain in Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.”

Hindustan Times

3. “Recent example is Athiya Shetty. She started with Hero (remake) and I heard it was really bad.”
– bssgopi


4. “Legendary debut – Sonu Nigam in Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahaani.


5. “Nitin’s Hindi debut with Agyaat
– bssgopi


6. “How about Suriya’s Hindi debut Rakht Charitra 2? Dead on Arrival.”
– bssgopi

7. “In my opinion, Ahan Shetty in Tadap.”

The Indian Express

8. “Several actors had bad debuts, and managed to survive and shape a career in Bollywood over the years. But, some essentially ended the lead actor’s career before it even started. For example, Mimoh Chakraborty in Jimmy.”
– DrShail

India Forums

9. I think the recent example should be Ananya Pandey in Student Of The Year 2.”
– an-76


10. “It may not be the worst, but it did take a 180° turn quickly. Imagine being the Miss World, getting a dream launch with probably the biggest Hindi production house at the time, starring opposite Akshay Kumar in a magnum opus. It seems great, right? But then everything takes a bad turn and your movie is surrounded with huge negativity and your film is a disaster. Samrat Prithviraj may not have such a big impact on Akshay, but it has certainly damaged Manushi Chhillar’s career.”

Vogue India

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