I watched Brahmastra once, and then I watched it again, and then I went on to Reddit to read all there is about the movie. And this easter eggs article is a combination of all of that – probably the best use of my overthinking, overanalyzing brain picking up hints where there might be none.

Also, in my defence, I watched Brahmastra twice because I was fashionably late the first time around, missing half of Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo, so I HAD to watch it again. And also, there ARE spoilers ahead, so tread carefully.

1. Isha’s bracelet and Amrita’s Jalastra placement

Alia Bhatt is too good an actress to have been given just the role of the lead actor’s love interest. Considering this was just the first part, a base for future movies, there might be more to Isha’s character than what’s shown in Part One – Shiva. Isha’s bracelet placement could be an indication too. Like how Amrita was responsible for Dev’s defeat, could Isha be responsible for Shiva’s? There are just too many interpretations we can make from this.

2. Kaun ho tum? Kya ho tum?

When Ranbir and Alia’s characters meet again at the elevator, Isha asks Shiva ‘kaun ho tum?’ While Shiva asks her ‘kya ho tum?’ Is there more to Isha’s character or was it just bad dialogue writing? If it was later, then it can definitely be saved by giving her a strong character arch in the upcoming parts.

Brahmastra easter eggs

3. The power of Number 3

The movie is in three parts, the brahmastra is in three pieces and the trailer revealed that there are three prominent powers – Jal, Vaayu and Agni. The first part focused on AgniAstra, and the second part is about Dev and Amrita and might highly focus on JalAstra, so probably the third part could focus on the Vaayu part, that is, the PawanAstra.

Brahmastra easter eggs

4. Nagarjuna giving the second piece of Brahmastra to Isha

This again hints at how important the role of Isha could get. Why she agrees to go on an adventure with some guy she met one day back, how she amplifies Shiva’s powers, and how the Artist agrees to give her the Ashram’s address and entrust her with the second piece of Brahmastra.

Brahmastra easter eggs

5. Om Deva Deva, Om Deva Deva Namah

Could this be an ode to Dev? Om Namah means I bow to… and this line could be praising Dev, hinting at how he could be an anti-hero rather than an antagonist.

Brahmastra easter eggs
Source: HT

6. The lines in Brahmastra’s Deva Deva song – Chingariya ye jo mere seene me hain dafan, Inko zara de ke hawa, ban jau mai agan & Tu hawao ka jhoka, mai aag hu

Shiva activated his dormant AgniAstra after Isha’s hand touched his. Since Shiva is the “aag”, could Isha be the “hawao ka jhoka” or the wielder of PawanAstra? Considering when Tenzing dies, Isha is seen picking something up. Could it be the PawanAstra? Making Alia the bearer of PawanAstra in the later parts of the trilogy, increasing her importance as a character.

Brahmastra easter eggs

7. Rishta purana koi to jaroor hai combined with Isha’s “Agar hum mar gaye toh wapas dhundh lena”

This could unwrap some more layers to the origin story of Isha and Shiva, in not just this timeline but in previous timelines as well.

Brahmastra easter eggs
Credit: India Today

8. Tu raagdari hai meri, mai raag hu

Shiva calls Isha the music and himself the tune. Music is an umbrella term while the tune is a part of it. Could Isha’s character be bigger than Shiva’s? All the fan theories are definitely indicating so.

Brahmastra easter eggs
Source: News18

9. Mai jee raha hu tere hi intezaar me, Awaaz De… Awaaz De

The song Deva Deva seems to be an easter egg in itself if you listen closely. Could the line “awaaz de… awaaz de…” be related to Isha calling out Shiva’s name every 3 seconds in the movie? Or was it again, just bad dialogues?

Brahmastra easter eggs

10. Junoon wielding the Jalastra

Could there be more to Shiva and Junoon’s relation than what is shown in the first part? Junoon was able to wield Jalastra, which was Amrita’s Astra. Could Junoon be Amrita and Dev’s daughter, Shiva’s sister? That might explain Shiva getting Dev’s Agniastra while Junoon getting Amrita’s Jalastra.

Brahmastra easter eggs

11. The fact that Amrita kept the third part of Brahmastra and didn’t return to Ashram

This could be a major revelation in the story of Guru Ji, making him a probable antagonist while making Dev the anti-hero. If the ashram was so safe, why didn’t amrita return there? Why keep the third piece to herself instead of returning all three of them? This could be a good backdrop for the future movies of the AstraVerse.

Were these actual easter eggs or just some random theories of an over-observant viewer at best? Well, we will only know after the trilogy completes. Till Brahmastra: Part Two – Dev releases, we are gonna keep ourselves entertained by fan theories and easter eggs, you can join us too.

And if you didn’t realise, we desperately want there to be more depth to Isha’s character. Ayan Mukherjee, are you listening?

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