We all are well aware of the fact that Mia Khalifa has always challenged the double standards of society, lent her voice to the right causes and she completely won us over by her amazing gestures likes these:

1. When she apologized to a TikToker who said she was often compared to her and sexualized at a young age.

In a trend doing rounds on the application, users were sharing their stories about a time in their lives when they were sexualized at a young age. A user with the handle @oreo_mlkshake, shared that she couldn’t wear her glasses because the boys in her high school kept saying that she looked like Mia Khalifa with them and it made her uncomfortable. Upon watching this, Mia Khalifa made a duet with her clip in which she was crying while watching the girl’s story. She captioned her clip, “I’m so sorry. I don’t wear them anymore for this reason.

While it was not Mia’s fault that men sexualized an underage girl, Mia still took upon herself to apologize for the role she inadvertently played.

2. When she supported Indian farmers during protests.

Mia Khalifa expressed her solidarity with the farmers by taking to TW and even raised her voice against the human rights violations that were going on in New Delhi during the farmers’ protest.

3. When she had the coolest tweet exchange with Meena Harris discussing the discomfort undergarments cause.

In an absolutely relatable manner, Meena Harris tweeted that she wanted to ditch her monster-like bra even when she gets a five-minute break in between meetings. To this, Mia Khalifa asked her to opt for negative underwear as they are super comfy. 

4. When she called out the porn industry for making a profit from her images against her consent. 

At just the tender age of 21, Mia Khalifa had performed in about a dozen explicit adult films and made $12,000 before she bid adieu to the industry in 2014. She revealed that while quitting the industry, she had asked for her videos to be removed but they weren’t. In fact, the companies still earn money from her old videos even when she is no longer a part of the industry. She also stated that the actors only get a small percentage of the total income.


5. When she stepped up to do a cameo on Ramy when Lindsay Lohan ghosted the show.

Ramy Youssef, the actor-comedian, said that he had convinced Lindsay Lohan to make a guest appearance on his critically-acclaimed series for a cameo role but she never showed up. The cameo ultimately went to Mia Khalifa and she did a great job. The show even highlighted the fact that the same men who condemn her, watch her the most. She also stated the fact that she is banned from the Middle East.


6. When she had an epic reaction to Pakistan banning her TikTok account. 

According to a report, Pakistan banned her TikTok account over ‘immoral and unethical’ content. To this, she responded that she will be re-posting all her TikTok clips on her Twitter especially for her Pakistani fans.

7. When she raised her voice on the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

There’s no doubt about the fact that she has a wide fan base on social media that reaches hundreds of people. She condemned the violence that is going on in Palestine through her social media accounts. She even accused USA who, according to her, is backing the hate crimes against the Palestinians. Her TW was filled with responses of people praising her. 

8. When she shut down a hater with complete sass.

If there’s someone who knows how to handle trolls online, it is her. In February, a TW user named Shubham Singh asked her how proud her ancestors would be of her. To this, she attached a screenshot of her bank transaction that showcased that she donated $5,000 to her homeland, Lebanon’s Red Cross Organization. 

9. When she, along with Amanda Cerny and Rupi Kaur, took down Twitter trolls in a brilliant exchange.

Female celebrities were trolled in an offensive and sexist way when they tweeted in support of the farmers’ protest. However, Khalifa, Kaur and Cerny shut down the trolls in a most epic manner. 

She is an amazing person, don’t you agree?