Imagine hosting the biggest event in the film industry, making a joke and then getting slapped in front of millions of people watching LIVE. I am only joking. Nobody was watching till they found out about the slap. Anyhow, it has to suck. 

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Since then we have had a ton of discourse, some of them weirdly political TBH. Even on the day of the slap, everybody wanted to know how Will Smith was doing. LMAO. 


But since that fateful night, Chris Rock had maintained a dignified silence, which he broke yesterday. And the first thing he said was “So, how was your weekend?”

If your answer to that question is, ‘better than you, Chris Rock’, think again. He probably got paid more than half the UFC roaster beating each other senseless on a PPV night. Anyhow, once the video of Rock’s rebuttal went online, people were quick to chime in. 

Alright then, can’t wait for that Netflix special. And for the racist people in the back, no, it won’t be a true-crime documentary.