After a wait of four years, the second season of Made In Heaven started streaming on Amazon Prime Video last week. Just like the last season, this season also tackled important social issues such as colourism, domestic abuse, and transphobia to state a few. But what deserves mention is how the show spoke about Dalits and their identity. Directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, the fifth episode of Made In Heaven 2 was nothing short of a cultural reset.

Here are 11 best moments from the fifth episode of Made In Heaven 2 which prove that this episode was much needed and long overdue.

1. The episode opened with this banger of a response.

made in heaven

2. The episode showed how Dalits have to assert their identity in small but monumental ways.

made in heaven 2

3. It also tackled the shame Dalits live with, because of how our society treats them.

made in heaven season 2

4. These moments prove what society thinks about an inter-caste marriage.

made in heaven s2 ep 5

5. These moments of microaggression are also how Dalits are discriminated against.

made in heaven season 2 episode 5

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6. Pallavi hits the nail on the head with these lines.

made in heaven dalit wedding episode

7. Pallavi had the best response here.

made in heaven dalit wedding

8. The struggle that every Dalit person has to go through on a day-to-day basis.

made in heaven dalit episode

9. Pallavi speaks on why Dalits should not be ashamed of their identity, but of course this has layers to it.

dalit episode

10. Through multiple instances, the episode shows how people react to an intercaste wedding.

neeraj ghaywan

11. And finally, these beautiful snippets from a Dalit Buddhist wedding.

radhika apte
amazon prime video
dalit wedding

This episode is an important watch. For the first time on screen did a show talk about Dalits with such nuance. And for the first time, we got to see a Dalit Buddhist wedding. Kudos to the makers for creating this gem. This is just the first step, we need more shows that talk about Dalit identity in a similar way.

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Creatives: Nidhi Tiwari

Please note that all images have been taken from the episode on Amazon Prime Video.